Unironic People's Republic
June 7th 2011–August 10th 2011Ling empire accurate.png
Polkburg Auntonomy.png

Dissolution era flag unironiaOriginal Great Seal

Internationale (July-August 2011)

Internationale (Insturmental)

Hymn of the FNCP (June 2011)

Hymn of the FNCP

Capital city Cresigrad (now Crizopolis)
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Humanist
Short name Unironia
Demonym Unironic
Government Marxist-Leninist State (until July 2011)
- President William McGuire (2 terms)
Nathan Polk (1 term)
Legislature FNCP
Established June 2011-UPR agreement
Disestablished August 2011-Polkburg dissolution


Proclamation of the Republic

After the Coup that overthrew the council of the FNCP the New ruling group roaclaimed a new permenant government as well as a new constitution. A president was to be given a term of two weeks with unlimited right of re-election. The people Monoeans and Batranis alike were content and orderly under the new system.

Period of Stability

For a while everything worked like clockwork the Federal Subjects worked with the President as they should have, and there was absolutly no discontent. This was all true until Nathan Polk resigned as Mayor of the Polkburg Unironic Socialist Republic leaving Morgan Polk in Charge, this would turn out to have disastorous consequences. Morgan ruled Polkburg with an Iron first and disturbed the peace that was created by Mayor Nathan. This would be the begininng of the end for the Unironic People`s Republic and the start of the Polkburg Dissolution.  

Eventual de-communisation

by mid-July 2011 socialism in Unironia had broken down and the Election of new parties to the position of President of Unironia. The third president would be from the Unironic Nationalist Movement that was erupting in popularity throughout the country.

Decline and Fall

By August 2011 the Governent of the Republic was weakend by internal issues and ideological squabbles within the ruling party. The Federal Subjexts were starting to break the USR agreement that wa signed when the Republic was proclaimed. When the date of August 9, 2011 arrived the government had weakend to the point that Nathan Polk deicied it was time to rebel, So on that day Nathan and a group of anti-Morgan Polkburgers took over the Federal Subject and dissolved the UPR agreement in the Polkburg Unironic Socialist Republic and creating the Polkburg Autonomy. This would eventually cause most states in the UPR agreement to nullify it within their borders. by August 10 the Republic was no more and the office of President dissolved. This event is now known as the Polkburg Dissolution

Restoration of the Despots

After the June Revolution on June 1, 2011 the remaining Royalists fled founding the Kingdom of Robinsinshire in Exile, so when the Republic was dissolves the Royalists found an oppurtunity in the power vaccum and decided to fill it, so several days after the Polkburg Dissoluton the Ling Empire was proclaimed to replace the Republic and restore the old Tribal system that had exsisted before the Revolution

Federal Subjects