United Commonwealth of Highland States and Territories

United We Stand, Divided We Fall
God Defend Highlandia
Capital city Tyler
Largest city Cherokee
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) none official
Short name Highlandia
Demonym Highlandian
Government Parliamentary Democracy
- H.M. The King of Highlandia King Montgomery II
- Prime Minister vacant
Legislature National Parliament
- Type - Parliamentary
- Number of seats - 45
- Last election - TBD
Established 2015
Area claimed 7.3 sq. miles
Population 29,000 not all recognized as citizens
Currency Highlandian Rool (HRL)
Time zone Eastern Standard
National sport Soccer
National dish Derby Pie
National drink Bourbon
National animal White Tailed Deer

The United Commonwealth of Highland States and Territories (commonly referred to as "Highlandia") is a micronation located in Louisville, KY, USA comprised of four states (The Kingdom of Tyler, Parkdom of Cherokee, Parkdom of Seneca and Neighborhood of Belknap) and two territories (Towhead Island and Beargrass Island). The Commonwealth was founded on June 18, 2015, two years after the fall of the original Republic of Highlandia.


Government Edit

The Commonwealth's government is an absolute monarchy with a democratically elected National Parliament. While the head of state has the right to exercise absolute rule, the King has traditionally remained as a non-political head of state. All legislation is passed through the National Parliament, which consists of 45 members, one being the Prime Minister. States and territories are broken down into constituencies which elect members through STV, multi-member districts.

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