United Empire of Mouzilo and Kormenia
Ηνωμένη Αυτοκρατορία Μουζήλου και Κορμενίας
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Eurytania, Greece
Capital city Mouzilo
Largest city New Herakleia
Official language(s) Greek, English, Kormenian, Mouzeliot
Official religion(s) Greek Orthodox Christian
Demonym Mouzeliot, Kormenian
Government Constitutional Autocratic Athenian Democrat Republic
- Prime Minister Pete Serentellos
- Emperor Manu II
Legislature Parliament of the Imperial Representatives
Established 2013
Area claimed 40km²
Population +1500
Currency Mouzeliot Drachma, Kormenian Korm, Euro, InterSol
Time zone GMT+2
National animal Eagle
Patron saint Virgin Mary, St. George
Internet Domain None (Mouzilo proposes .mz and Kormenia .krm)

The United Empire is a combined Empire composed from the Mouzilo Empire and Kormenia. It was established by the Emperor of Mouzilo, HIH Manu II and Kormenia's President, Panagiotis Serentellos in March 2013 as both micronations border each other, they have the best relations and think of each other as brother nations. Also, this came as a result of an ongoing political crisis in Mouzilo. The current Empire's leader is the emperor Manu II and its Prime Minister mr. Serentellos.