Elefthfrian Monarchy

Third Elefthfrian Empire

Elefthfrian Federation

New flag Elefthfria

Motto: "nulli secundus"
Anthem: Hymn to Liberty
Map of Elefthfria
Elefthfrian territory held within the Yellow Border
Capital Duromnivo
Largest city Sarcvidge
Official language(s) Greek, English
Other language(s) Spanish, French, and Slin-Englysh
Official religion(s) Elefthfrian Orthodox Church (national

Elefthfrian Jewish Community

Elefthfrian Reformed Church
Demonym Elefthfrian
Government Semi-Absolute Austenasia-Style Monarchy
Emperor James III
Conusls John & Hollis
Censor Anna
Tribune Sarah
Legislature Elefthfrian Council
Senate 10
Parliament 12
Next Election October 2012
Established May 2006 (as Leventis)

July 2009 (unofficial; as Vonderlond)

October 2011 (official)
Area claimed (to be calculated)
Population 7 Active

21 Signed

55 Unofficial
Currency Neos Denarii & Neos Drachma
National food Gyro (popular)
National drink Coffee (proposed, popular)
National animal Eagle
Patron saint St. Demetrios and John of Elefthfria & Our Lady of Duromnivo
Calling code none official; (proposed)
Date format yyyy_mm_dd
Time zone Elefthfrian Time



The Name was chosen at 10:00PM at night as Elefthria. Worried of people thinking it is a copy of Greece they changed the name to Elefthfria.



Before it was land inside America, but a young boy in 2006 would create a small nation that would evolve into what is Elefthfria. The land was called Carolina Colony, but was made South Carolina after the Revoloutionary War. It seceded in 1860, but rjoined in 1865. in 2006 it again Seceded, as Leventis.


Originnaly, the Micronation was a game. There was a King that would have an Army and some subjects, He would "Conquest" lands and Bulid small Monuments. It became serious and got very big. It had a Language and some divisions, called Cheifdoms. They were getting bigger and bigger, until barbarians invaded and the Cheifdoms declared independence. The nation crashed in about January 2008.


A guy named Axel and the former King of Leventis, Pete made a nation called Vonderlond in about May 2008. Axel was declared King, and he made many structures. One was very interesting, it was an Underground Tunnel. Planned for military use, Axel made crude concrete and paved it with it, becoming a well. It became a drinking well, but then an Animal Conservatory. It was destroied by a lawnman in december of 2008. Shorthly after that Axel moved and Pete became king. He took the title, King Pete of Vonderlond and Leventis. They would become titular until in march of 2009 the whole nation fell inactive, and died.

Elefthfria CreationEdit

Elefthfria was formed as an absolute monarchy in december of 2009. Small nations united to form Elefthfria, wich until December 2011 was called the United Kingdoms. it became inactive in august of 2011, and died out quick.

Elefthfrian RepublicEdit

Elefthfria became a Republic. There was a President as Head of State, Vice President as Head of Government, and Prime Minster as the Secratary to them. All was good until the bridges were destroied. The Vice-President assumed Supreme Power and declared himself the Leader 3 days later. During this time the "Duce" held full powers, and the President\Vice President\Prime Minster held only advisor powers.But then he made himself Emperor Serving with John

Elefthfrian EmpireEdit

The first Emperors were Pete and John, then Pete overthrew John and this is where Elefthfria state is currently.



Elefthfria has a warm climate. In the Winter it is usally about 59 Farenhit. In the Summer it is about 99 Farinhit. However it has snowed a couple times in winter.



The Emperor is the united two rulers of the State. They each have diffrent powers, but they share some powers. There is the Primary Emperor, who is the cheif ruler and commands politics and military, and the Lower Emperor who has power designated by the Primary Emperor, and is subordinate to him. However, there must always be a lower emperor.

Primary Emperor Powers:




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