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For privacy reasons, nicknames replaced the real names of people.

Unión Federal de Fornelos, United Federation of Fornelos

Libertas est hie (freedom is here)
Strong green areas are official territories while the light green areas are occupied areas. The turquoise area belongs to the unincorporated territory of the french faction. The red line marks all the claimed territories.
Capital city West Fornelos
Official language(s) Officials: Spanish and Catalan (in desuse) Non-officials: Basque and French
Official religion(s) Catholic Church
Demonym fornelan
Government Republic with direct democracy
- President Dani
- General of army JP
Legislature People's Assembly
- Last election - August 2012
Established 2012 (de iure, 2015 de facto)
Area claimed 19000 m²
Population 6
Currency Euro (€, internal trade) and United Pound (£, IMU trade)
Time zone +1
National sport Football
National dish Polbo á feira
National animal Horse

The United Federation of Fornelos (also known as U.F.F.) is a micronation located in the village of Fornelos, in Galicia, Spain. The government is a presidential republic with an active direct democracy directed by the People's Assembly. The country has two co-leaders, the president Dani and the general JP.

While another micronation wants the independence, the United Federation of Fornelos is recognized as part of Spain.


Before everything


Before the creation of the mirconation, between 2006-2008, Fornelos was divided in many familiar groups, but the mainly were the basque faction at north side and the french faction at the east side (also known as East Fornelos), so each kid was aligned with one of this groups.

In 2008, the french faction was the most powerful group of the village, and for consequence, he began to commit abuse againt the other groups and guys without group.

Just that summer, a young guy without group called Dani meet JP and Mr.V, two brothers without group, with which works a great frienship and found a faction of western rebels (also know as La Banda Gallega, translated as "The Galician Gang"), with the objective of reunite the another factions and stop to the french faction.

In 2009, the rebels organized a surprise attack against the french faction with the collaboration of the basque faction and some french rebels. This triggered in the First Water War, a war that lasted an entire day.

Finally, the invasion failed and Dani was taken prisoner. In this situation, the French returned Dani and the captured arsenal in exchange for a period of occupation to neutralize the area.

First prototype (the Free Territories of Fornelos)

When tension decreases, in 2012, the french faction give permission to the rebels for make their territories independents, creating the Free Territories of Fornelos with the condition of creating a non-aggression pact between the western rebels and the french faction.

In this year, Dani and JP are proclaimed leaders of the Free Territories of West Fornelos.

Fists times of the Free Territories

In the beginning, the Free Territories only was formed by the western territories of Fornelos (hence the phrase West Fornelos), where only inhabited Dani, JP and Mr. V.

Everything and that the pact was formed, the french faction continued abusing against some people and exploiting the natural resources of the noth side of the Free Territories without permission. At first, the rebels was devoted to warn the french faction, but to the being useless, the rebels declares war to the french faction again.

Second Water War

A few weeks after the independence, the Free Territories declares the war to the french faction due to their abuses.

When the Second Water War began, the french faction were expelled from the north territories, losing the territory influence forever, something that would bring consequences in the future.

While the french faction fight alone, the Free Territories was allied with the rest of factions, who helped to keep the attack.

The war lasted two days and became too large for the two fronts, so they were forced to create a new non-aggression pact with several conditions that could prevent another war.

After the war, JP is named "Army General" of the rebels.

Non-aggression pact and Fornelan Cold War

When the pact was created, the rebels and the french faction create some conditions on the pact, some of those conditions were:

  • The total liberation of the north territories, prohibiting to the french faction obtaining resources of the zone.
  • Respect the border of the Free Territories and the territory of the french faction.
  • Mutual defense of the two groups against external dangers.

This situation prevented the outbreak of another war, but instead, in 2012-2013, the ambitions of the two teams they forced to compete in the influence of people. While the new Free Territories became an economic and military superpower with a growing population, the old french faction, being a half-familiar group, they could not attract people because of their closed nature, causing his system to fall down.

In 2013, the Free Territories zones expands to practically all the west part of the village due to the new population and their claimed territories.

Fall of the French Faction

In 2013, the leader of the french faction leaves the gang due to the difficult situation, causing a final collapse on the group.

The more youngers of the gang surrendered to the rebels and they placed under the orders of General JP, extending the territories until arriving at East Fornelos.

While, the olders members leave the village to be in urban areas.

The Big Boost

A year later, in 2014, the territories of the old basque faction united to the Free Territories, expanding the territories to the north side. Also was formed an enclave territory in the southeast of the village which was surrounded by neutral territory.

During this time, it was estimated that 9 people were inhabitants of the Free Territories.

Emergence of the United Federation of Fornelos

First ideas

Seeing that the Free Territories dominated the great part of the Fornelos area in 2015, Dani saw that preserving the militia-like organization of the Free Territories of Fornelos would no longer be viable in a fairly stable environment, so he proposed the idea of creating a prototype state with direct democracy where a stable government stands out, called in spanish "Unión Federal Forneliense" (translated as Federal Fornelian Union or United Fornelian Federation).

In this proposed "project", a idea is presented about the so-called "Neighborhoods", a federated state where each family group owned their territories autonomously, as long as it does not interfere with federal laws or the central government, composed mainly of an People Assembly where all the inhabitants participe and they choose representatives to execute specific government tasks (President and Head of army mainly).

By that time, the Neighborhoods would be:

  1. Mystic Heights (northwest area)
  2. Capri Fields (southwest area)
  3. The Orchards (making border with the east side of Capri Fields)
  4. New East (southeast enclave area)
  5. East Square (north area)
  6. West Square (making border with the southwest side of East Square, old territory of the french faction)
  7. Little Paris (east area, old territory of the french faction)

Acceptance and recognition

The proposal to create a micronation was accepted by the vast majority of the population, but people still voted to make some changes to the project:

  1. Remove the neighborhoods of West Square and Little Paris from the list due to their high rates of danger (pyromania, vandalism...). Instead, they would be considered as an unincorporated territory (non-Incorporated Territory of East Fornelos), where its inhabitants are not considered part of the micronation.
  2. Change the names of some neighborhoods, changing The Orchards for The Walls, New East for Desert Street and East Square for High Fornelos.
  3. Change the micronation name to "Unión Federal de Fornelos" (translated as Federal Union of Fornelos, but is usually translated as United Federation of Fornelos to make it match the acronym U.F.F.) because "Forneliense" sounded awkward, and also Fornel"I"ense is considered an orthographic error.

Official recognition of the micronation among its members

In 2016, the neightborhoods of Mystic Heights, Capri Fields, The Walls, High Fornelos and Desert Street are confirmed officially as part of the United Federation of Fornelos. In that moment, Dani is recognised as President until the end of the war legislation and JP is recognized as Army General.



Country license plate created by the state-owned enterprise Pegasus Industries

The country uses a capitalist sistem with a mixed economy. There is a small economic initiative among citizens, but for now the state-owned company Pegasus Industries controls the great part of the production of goods needed by the government, From manufactured weapons to simple designs of flags and license plates.



The goverment of the United Federation of Fornelos is mainly in the hands of the People's Assembly, which appoints a president every two years who partially controls the legislature and executive. The army general share certain powers with the president, mainly the executive.

The judiciary falls entirely in the responability of the People's Assembly.


According to the law, the president is elected every two years except in times of war, where they can have elections only if the people claims.

Actually, the last elections were in 2012 with the victory of Dani, and the mandate was extended until today because of the war. If no problems are reported in 2017, in 2018 there will be elections.

Political parties and candidates

Currently the political parties are not allowed due to the uselessness of these in a small population, but instead, presidents are elected from independent candidates.

In the table below shows more details about them:

Candidate Campaign motto Political spectrum Ideology Candidate during Elected in
Dani "Freedom for the people" (2012-2016)

"A brony for president" (2016-???)

center-right liberalism, freedom of the press, military service, bronism, "diplomacy first". 2012 2012-now

Neighborhoods and another territories

Actually the country is divided in 5 neighborhoods (federated states) and one unincorporated territory.

The neighborhoods works similarly to the states of USA, being autonomous and with their own laws.

This neighborhoods are:

Flag Name City Population Details
Mystic Heights West Fornelos 1 Located in the north-west of the village, is one of the oldest neightborhoods, being created in 2012 like his neightbor Capri fields. Is one of the largest neightborhoods of the country, occupying 82800 m², but the great part of them is forest.

His name makes reference to the graveyard near to the neighborhood.

Formerly, it was the place of leisure by reference, due to the VIP parties and where the gambling began inside the country. But by the end of 2015, these types of actions were restricted in order to avoid microterrorism.

Capri Fields West Fornelos 2 Located in the south-west of the village, was founded in 2012 with Mystic Heights. This neighborhood is the main weapons supplier of the country.

His territory is composed of plains and forests, which are often used for military training.

The name of the neighborhood comes from the horse that inhabited the plains, but his name comes from a italian island.

The Walls West Fornelos 1 Located at the east part of Capri Fields, this neightborhood was founded in 2013.

Formerly, it was a empty plot near to Capri Fields, but when it was inhabited, it became another neighborhood.

Desert Street East Fornelos 1 Is a little neightborhood located at the south-east of the village founded in 2014.

It is a territory located as an enclave far from the area of influence of the U.F.F. and for that reason, it is usually a place with much support from other neighborhoods.

High Fornelos East Fornelos 1 Is located at the norht east of the village, touching with Mystic Heights. It was founded in 2014.

Another important zone is the non-Incorporated Territory of East Fornelos, which is considered partially as part of the U.F.F., but is governed by its own laws and its population are not considered citizens of the country. In another words, it's a shared territory where the old french faction has sovereignty but the army of the United Federation of Fornelos occupies the territory.

There are another generic territories that there are occuped by the country, but there are controlled by the administration of the U.F.F. and aren't part of any neightborhood.

Flags and CoAs

With the past of the years, the United Federation of Fornelos has used a lot of flags. the first official Coat of Arms appears in November 2016.

Flag Name Date Details
The Striped 2010-2014 It was used by the rebels againts the french faction and it was used like de facto flag in the first years of the United Federation of Fornelos.
The Saltire 2015 This was the first official flag of the country, using only a saltire. it was replaced by another model because it can be confused with the flag of the Russian Navy.
The Celtic 2016-now Actual flag. It's like the previous flag but uses a red Triskel in the center in honor of celtic culture.


The country has different military forces or departments working for national security:


Due to the small population and the vulnerability of the nation to external attacks, all citizens have to join the army mandatorily. The army has different types of troops:

Regular troops

They are in charge of patrolling the occupied areas and are the first line of defense of the country. In most cases they operate in urban areas, but not exclusively. The uniform is usually a blue outfit.

Scout troops

Are in charge of exploring the terrain and building various guard posts and they act especially in forested areas. Usually these soldiers are more experienced and of higher rank than the regulars. They are identified by carrying backpacks and camouflage clothing.

Fight againts microterrorism

The country has long time been attacked by small terrorist cells that try to destroy the country with different objectives, from the simple objective of destroying, to the attempt take power by force. Since the country was founded, only two main terrorists are known.

Actually, the microterrorism has been removed thanks to diplomacy and the national army.

Safety scale

Due to the numerous disorders that have occurred during a disaster, the president decided to create a scale of security with the objective to apply different defense systems:

Level Details Status
0 No danger. Some citizens will be sent to the military reserve.
1 Possible danger of terrorist attack or espionage. The units of espionage and reconnaissance will have to make maneuvers on the terrain. X
2 Attempted terrorist attack or minor attack. All citizens must be on service in the military to stand guard, military controls will be made to avoid future disasters. (declared in 2015)
3 Terrorist attack or riot. All the military will have to go armed with slingshot and guns of plastic pellets. Citizens of other micronations (including allies, but no IMU members) will need a passport and a valid justification to enter the country.

If this level continues for a long time, presidential elections will be optional and citizens will have to request it.

(declared between 2012-2015, the worst number reached until today)
4 Great terrorist attack or invasion by some external group (a faction or other micronation). All the military and nearby allies are called to defend the country with guns of plastic pellets, slingshots or paintball guns. Only the allies or IMU memberswill be able to cross the border with the previously mentioned measure.
5 Only activate if Spain is under attack.

Protocol of entry to the nation

(This part is not valid if the security scale marks level 3 or more)

Actually, only passport is required for the great part of the micronations, except the allies, IMU members or micronations with some friendly treaty, who can choose to use identity document or advise in advance by email.


The country shares great part of Galician and Spanish culture, but certain sectors also share Catalan (66%) and Basque (16.6%) cultural characteristics, 25% of people with Catalan culture (a 16,6% of the total population) also share French culture.

Fornelan Bronism

Fornelan Bronism is a subculture related to the famous brony fandom, which combines aspects of rock and 80's new wave cultures with bronys characteristics. Only a 16.6% of the population belongs to this subculture, but it is widely accepted by the rest of the population.

This subculture was created at the end of 2015 by the fornelan politician and graphical designer Dani, where combined aesthetics and lifestyle of the bronys with features of rock culture and retrowave, creating the new subculture.

Members of the subculture are characterized by listening to rock music, retrowave and indie music from the brony fandom. They also create brony art where they combine it with rock culture.

Aesthetically, they usually use the quiff hairstyle and for clothe they wear leather jackets or plaid shirts combined with geek t-shirts, especially created by bronys, but in winter it is usually accompanied with a knit cap. For pants is common use jeans.

In lifestyle, is used the famous slogan of "Love and tolerance," where violence is allowed only in case of self-defense, but never to attack first. Politically, they tend to be center-right because they support freemarket and low taxes.


Newspapers and Magazines

  • Greyvalleyintlogo The Gray Valley International: Currently, this independent newspaper is the only one that forms part of the national media. This is a bilingual newspaper (uses Spanish and English) that is responsible for reporting the latest micronational news. Opinion articles, critiques and interviews also appear.


In the United Federation of Fornelos, sports is an important topic in country's life, especially running and soccer.

Since 2013, several citizens of the United Federation of Fornelos has won the people's run of the village in 1rst place.

They also share a soccer team with the rest of the village, called The Fuackers Football Club.

International relations


Due to the problems of war and instability, the United Federation of Fornelos was isolated internationally in its first years of existence.

It was not until the end of 2015 that the country emerged from isolation, signing a treaty of friendship with the Republic of Ponsuveria and the Royal Principality of the Valley of Vahyikem.

A year later, in 2016, the country signs an alliance with the Principality of Garonne, Being the first non-Spanish speaking country with which relationships are established. The alliance with the Principality of Garonne would make the UFF become a member of the Intermicronational Union in 14 December of 2016, being the third member country, where the founding member was the Empire of Skywalkistan.

Few days later, in 16 December, the UFF establishes diplomatic relations with the Republic of Wynaan, which would also join the Intermicronational Union later.

Just that day, the IMU, with the support of the country, declares a state of rivalry with the Intercommunist Union of Micronations, which would cause a period of tension between the blocks that continues today.



The United Federation of Fornelos recognizes the following micronations:

Allies and friendly micronations

The next micronations have some type of relation with the United Federation of Fornelos:

Name Type Date
Principality of Garonne Principality of Garonne Alliance, IMU member 12/6/2016
Flag of the Empire of Skywalkistan Empire of Skywalkistan Alliance, IMU member 12/14/2016
Wynaan Republic of Wynaan Formal diplomacy, IMU member 12/16/2016
VoyflenFlag Barony of Voyflen IMU member 12/17/2016
Republic of Ponsuveria Treaty of recognition and friendship ...
Royal Principality of the Valley of Vahyikem Treaty of recognition and friendship 12/15/2015

Actually, this country is a member of the Intermicronational Union since 14 December of 2016.

If you want make diplomacy with our country, please contact

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