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For privacy reasons, nicknames replaced the real names of people.

United Federation of Fornelos

Libertas est hie (freedom is here)
Galicia, Spain
Capital city West Fornelos
Official language(s) Officials: Spanish and Catalan (in desuse) Non-officials: Basque and French
Official religion(s) Catholic Church
Government Republic with direct democracy
- President Herodan
- General of People's Army JP
Legislature People's Assembly
- Last election - August 2012
Established 2012 (de iure, 2015 de facto)
Currency Euro
Time zone +1
National sport Football
National animal Horse

The United Federation of Fornelos (also known as U.F.F.) is a micronation located in Fornelo's village, in Galicia, Spain. The government is a presidential republic with an active direct democracy directed by the People's Assembly. The country has two co-leaders, the president Herodan and the general JP.

While another micronation wants the independence, the United Federation of Fornelos is recognized as part of Spain.


Before the creation of the mirconation, between 2006-2008, Fornelos was divided in many familiar groups, but the mainly were the basque faction and the french faction, so each kid was aligned with one of this groups.

In 2008, the frenchs faction was the most powerful group of the village, and for consequence, he began to commit abuse againt the other groups and guys without group.

Just that summer, a young guy without group called Herodan meet JP and Mr.V, two brothers without group, with which works a great frienship and found the spanish faction, with the objective of reunite the another factions and stop to the french faction.

In 2009, the spanish faction had a great relation with the basque faction, so the two groups united against the french faction and attacks him in the First Water War, failing the invasion and being conquered and occupied by the enemy.


When tension decreases, in 2012, the french faction give permission to Herodan and his rebels allies for make their territories independents, creating the micronation, with the condition of creating a non-aggression pact between the United Federation of Fornelos and the french faction.

In this year, Herodan is named President of the micronation.

Fists Years

In the beginning, the country only was composed by two neighborhoods (subdivisions of the federation) on the West Fornelos, formed by Mystic Heights (at north, inhabited by Herodan) and Capri Fields (at south, inhabited by JP and Mr.V). Everything and that the pact was formed, the french faction continued abusing against some people and exploiting the natural resources of Mystic Heights without permission. At first, the federation was devoted to warn the french faction, but to the being useless, the nation declares war to the french faction.

Second Water War

A few weeks after the foundation, the federation declares the war to the french faction due to their abuses.

When the war began, the french faction were expelled from Mystic Heights, losing the territory influence forever, something that would bring consequences in the future.

While the french faction fight alone, the U.F.F. allied with the rest of factions, who helped to keep the attack.

The war lasted two days because became too large for the two fronts, so they were forced to create a new non-aggression pact with several conditions that could prevent another war.

After the war, JP is named "Army General".

Non-aggression pact and Fornelan Cold War

When the pact was created, the United Federation of Fornelos and the french faction create some conditions on the pact, some of those conditions were:

  • The total liberation of Mystic Heights, prohibiting to the french faction obtaining resources of the zone.
  • Respect the border of the United Federation of Fornelos and the territory of the french faction.
  • Mutual defense of the two groups against external dangers.

This situation prevented the outbreak of another war, but instead, in 2012-2013, the ambitions of the two teams they forced to compete in the influence of people. While the new United Federation of Fornelos became an economic and military superpower with a growing population, the old french faction, being a half-familiar group, they could not attract people because of their closed nature, causing his system to fall down.

In 2013 appears a new neighborhood called The Walls, inhabited by the new neighbors of JP.

Fall of the French Faction

In 2013, the leader of the french faction leaves the gang due to the difficult situation, causing a final collapse on the group.

The more youngers of the gang surrendered to the United Federation of Fornelos and they placed under the orders of General JP, creating a non-incorporated territory.

While, the olders members leave the village to be in urban areas.

The Big Boost

A year later, in 2014, the territories of the old basque faction united to the U.F.F., creating the incorporated territory of High Fornelos, made neightborhood in 2016. Another neightborhood called Deserted Street was created in 2014, ruled by Ilux.

Official recognition of the micronation among its members

In 2016, the neightborhoods of Mystic Heights, Capri Fields, The Walls, High Fornelos and Desert Street are confirmed officially as part of the United Federation of Fornelos. In that moment, Herodan is recognised as president until the end of the war legislation and JP is recognized as army general.



The goverment of the United Federation of Fornelos is mainly in the hands of the People's Assembly, which appoints a president every two years who partially controls the legislature and executive. The army general share certain powers with the president, mainly the executive.

The judiciary falls entirely in the responability of the People's Assembly.


According to the law, the president is elected every two years except in times of war, where they can have elections only if the people claims.

Actually, the last elections were in 2012 with the victory of Herodan, and the mandate was extended until today because of the war. If no problems are reported in 2017, in 2018 there will be elections.

Political parties and candidates

Currently the political parties are not allowed because of the uselessness of these against a small population, but instead, presidents are elected from independent candidates.

In the table below shows more details about them:

Candidate Campaign motto Political spectrum Ideology Elected in
Herodan "Freedom for the people" (2012-2016)

"A brony for president" (2016-???)

center-right liberalism, freedom of the press, military service, "diplomacy first". 2012-???

Neighborhoods and another territories

Actually the country is divided in 5 neighborhoods (federated states) and one occuped territory.

The neighborhoods works similarly to the states of USA, being autonomous and with their own laws.

This neightborhoods are:

  • Mystic Heights: Located in the north-west of the village, is one of the oldest neightborhoods, being created in 2012 like his neightbor Capri fields. Is one of the largest neightborhoods of the country.
  • Capri Fields
  • The Walls
  • Desert Street
  • High Fornelos


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