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The Republic of Gerenia is a micronation founded in December 5, 2011 by Gervasio Puca, its current president, as the United Gerenian Republic.

United Gerenian Republic

"Everything starts in the mind"
Capital city Sector C
Official language(s) English, Spanish, Gerenian
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Gerenian
Government Federal Republic
- President Gervasio Puca
Area claimed 2.24 sq m
Population 3
Currency Argentinian peso, Gerenian fun buck
Time zone UTC -4
National sport Football (soccer)
This nation is a member of the Union Against Micronational War

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The name "Gerenia" means "Geren's Land". Geren is the version in Gerenian language of Gervasio, the President's name.


The First Republic of Gerenia

Gerenia was an imaginary country in Gervasio Puca's mind since 2007, when the first documents and maps were created. It had its own calendar, population and government.

The United Gerenian Republic

In early November, 2011, while reading about nations with limited recognition, Puca followed a link to an article about micronations, thinking it was about microstates. After learning about micronations, Puca decided to create his own. In December 5, 2011, the United Gerenian Republic was born. The United Gerenian Republic was composed of two parts: one of them was the imaginary Gerenia (called the "Mental Republic"), while the other one comprised the lands controlled by Puca (the "External Republic").

Transition to the Second Republic of Gerenia

In mid-January, 2012, Gerenian president Gervasio Puca decided that the coexistence of the Gerenian Republics was incompatible with each other's one. Then he declared a Transition Period during which the division of the Republics would take place. Such period ended in February 24.

Province of Gerenia

The Republic of Freedomia and Gerenia had been good friends for several months. In March, however, Gerenia was suspended for an indefinite period of time by its President, Gervasio Puca. After Puca was elected President of Freedomia, his first Act was to make Gerenia a Freedomian province. After approval from the Senate of Freedomia, the Province of Gerenia was established with Puca as Governor.


The Gerenian Capital Territory (GCT) is divided in two zones: Sector C and Sector D. Since they are four meters away from each other, their geographic characteristics are very similar. The relief is rather plane, since it has been built upon. By reason of this there is no vegetation. The GCT is located at about 20 meters (65 ft) above mean sea level.

The average temperature is 20-25°C (68-77°F), although in summer it can surpass 30°C (86°F), and fall to 12°C (53°F) in winter. Sector C is slightly hotter than Sector D. The weather is sometimes windy in the latter, especially from August to May, so the use of paperweights is mandatory.


Gerenia is a Federal Republic ruled by a President - since its foundation, Gervasio Puca.At the moment, there is not a Parliament in existence, since it was decided that it will be established once the population reaches four.

Foreign Policy

Gerenia is a neutral nation, and has joined the Union Against Micronational War.At the moment, Gerenia has entered into diplomatic relations with the following Nations:

  • Republic of Armlania;


The United Gerenian Republic depends on the outer world to survive. Since the terrain does not allow the production of raw material, Gerenia has to import goods from Argentina. Approximately 100% of the imports come from that country. By reason of these economic links, the Argentinian peso is used as currency when trading with the outside world. There is also a micronational currency, the Gerenian Fun Buck, not issued yet.



The official sport in Gerenia is football. The Republic is represented by the Gerenian Football Association (GFA), and has its own virtual football team, which is a member of the Virtual Micronational Soccer Board.


  • January 3: Hard Labour Day;
  • March 12: Shoe Day;
  • November 26: Constitution Day;
  • December 5: Gerenia Day.

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