National Anthem:
St. Anthony's Chorale----
Stay Happy!----
Capital Beach Town

Official languages English

Denomyn Chanserly

Government Monarchy
King John Hobson
Queen Karen Harris

Legislature Chanselerian Parliment
-Type Unicameral
Seats 2

– Foundation of the nation 11 January 2012
– Re-establishment 28 December 2012

Area claimed pending survey

Population 3

Currency USD

Time zone EST

Country code ukc, uc

Internet TLD .cha (main)

Drives on the left

Date formats Gregorian calendar

The United Kingdom of Chanserly is a coastal micronation located on Virginia Beach, Virginia. It claims 2 acres of land currently and is slowly growing. It is led by HIM John Hobson. It was founded on February 20, 2012 but became inactive only a short week afterwards. It was re-established on December 28, 2012 by founder and King John Hobson. Its current population is 2, namely HIM John and HIM Karen. They are hoping to begin expanding and are open to new citizens. The official religion of the state is non-denominational Christianity, but all religions are accepted and welcomed. The main export of the nation is knitted goods. Such as sweaters and scarves from the only business in Chanserly; Karen's Cuddlers.


The name of the nation arose when HIM Karen Harris proposed to HIM John Hobson That they "Take a chance" which came to the decision that the nation would be called "Chance." After misspelling the name of the nation on official documents the two chose to adapt to the name.


In early January 2012 HIM John Hobson founded the coastal nation with his partner Karen Harris after she told him of the nation Seborga. It was founded then later became inactive due to pre-occupation from the two of the leaders. Later in the year John re-established the nation.


The nation's Government system is a constitutional monarchy with a small parliament that has not yet started due to the small population.


The executive authority of the United Kingdom of Chanserly is the current Monarch. The Monarch chooses the overall direction of the Kingdom's foreign and domestic policies. He/She can refer citizens them for all cabinet positions and other national officers. He/she has power over all parliamentary decisions. He/She reserves the right of full veto power over any bill brought up in the nation. The King is selected by the royal bloodline, if there are absolutely no constituents of the bloodline remaining, a new monarch is elected and the bloodline will continue from their kin. If the decision is made that the current Monarch is not fit for the role He/She will be impeached. It will be voted on by the citizens of the Kingdom whether or not the bloodline of the monarchy shall continue. The current King of the Kingdom is HIM John Hobson and the current Queen is Karen Harris.


The legislative authority in the United Kingdom of Chanserly is the constituents of the Parliament. The Parliament holds the right to impeach the Monarch, thus causing an election, the power to declare war and the power of the purse. Since the establishment of the Kingdom, there has been only one House in the Kingdom's legislature, the Parliament, making the legislature a unicameral body.


The current Judicial is currently only the King due to the small number of citizens.


Chanserly is a beach micronation. It has geography consists mainly of sand and water. Climatic zones include maritime temperate. Flora and fauna are yet small is diverse, and include various types of grass, such as browntop grass and emerald grass.

Foreign Relations

The Kingdom maintains an open and friendly foreign relations policy, having relations with any nations which desire them. Treaties are not required between the Kingdom and its recognized nations, but they are sometimes made in the interests of good diplomatic practice. Currently, the nations with whom the Kingdom has official relations are the following: Federal Republic of Niclogia

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