The United Lands is a micro nation right around Jacksonville, Florida. It is a very small micro nation 19x12 feet to be exact. The population of The United Lands is 7 but is still growing. The United Lands was created on July 21, 2016 and is a dictatorship meaning only one person rules. It is ruled by L.S.

The United Lands doesn't have international recognition. The national animal is a jaguar since it is located around Jacksonville. The national color is teal, the national tree is an oak tree, and the national bird is a hummingbird. The United Lands is very small and doesn't accept applications to join.

Being a micro nation The United Lands is trying hard to expand. It's next expansion should be from 19x12 to almost 50x50. Pretty soon The United Lands will be changing from a dictatorship where only one person rules to a monarchy where multiple people rule.

A micro nation can either be for political exercise or just for fun. The United Lands was created just for fun

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