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United Micronations Alliance

UMA HQ la crosse WI
- chairmen of UMA none
- HEAD of the UMA none
- head of the CMJ coumbianamerica
Legislature Parilament
- Number of seats - 12
Established 6/30/14
Disestablished 7/30/14

LAWS OF WAR      *mostly

  1. Members in the UMA can't kill solders or citizens during times of war or peace.
  2. Missile-based weapons are not to be used.
  3. No use of biologial, nuclear or chemical weapons for war or genocide
  4. If any enemy soldier is tortured or dies by torture the leader shall be sent to the UMA court of micronational justice(CMJ).
  5. No tanks or cannons
  6. An UMA member can occupy an enemy city or state  without harming citizens and prisoners unless they begin to rebel.
  7. Citizens cant have big firearms*.
  8. If one member of the UMA is attacked or declares war on a country the UMA will try to act and aid the memeber*.
  9. The UMA members can vote with of agianst joining wars or acting in other proleams.
  10. If some UMA has a civil war or revolution the UMA will decide to vote or veto action*.






Law & Order

The UMA has its own army the UMA army or the peacekeepers there job is to obey the UMA members and bring law and order to the world of the mirconations. The head of the court of mirconational justice (CMJ) has to decide who is guilty and innocent and arrest soliders or leaders on trials because broke one of the laws of war.


  • Columbianamerica
  • Ethenville
  • Terra Silvae
  • Unironia

The treaty of territories and membership

Even member of the UMA can make claims to antraratic and other territories but even micronation that makes their nation on antraratic or the internet and even micronation with no goverment,population and land cant become a member if your micronation is in antraratic,internet,no goverment,no population or even 1 citizen,no land can't be a member of the UMA..

Chairmen of the UMA

every two months two chairmen from 2 or more mirconations will run in a week long election the chairmens job is to help the head of the UMA and will make the secondary decide on actions like joining a war.or sent aid to some nation

Head of the UMA

every 6 months two or more mirconations will elected a head of the UMA the heads job is to keep the UMA together and all UMA letters and documents will go to the head and the. Head will decide to show or not show the letter or document and if the UMA parliament or the .UMA chairmen can't decide on a bill or action the head will make the final decide.

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