United Micronations and Nations

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09-07-2014 Article needs more depth and content The UMN (United micronation and nations) is an alliance of serious micronations and/ or nations. To join you have to meet the requirments down below and you must ask me on my wall.


-To join, your nation may not be an anarchy, as it is a corrupt form of government.

-You have to have a up-to date page of your micronation or nation.

-You must not be in a war during entry, you may go into war only AFTER you join.

-You must have a flag, a coat of arms is optional


Kingdom Of Lopezia: A Monarchy/Oligary government. And the founder of the UMN.

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    • just ask and ill look at your nation page and if you meet the requirements, i will put you on the member list
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