United Principality of Bravassia and Bovorttemberg
UP Flag170px-Bovorttemberg Bravassia Arms

Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter
Official language(s) Domanglian, English
Official religion(s) Anglicanism
Short name United Principality
Demonym Bovorttem, Bravassian
Government Monarchy
- Prince Darkovar Neconstantianeski
Established As separate nations
16 January 2012
As union
23 January 2012
Population 3 (Humans with official citizenship)
National drink Tea
National animal TBA
This nation is part of the Saxon Empire.

The United Principality of Bovorttemberg and Bravassia (also known as the United Principality of Bravassia and Bovorttemberg, the United Principality, the UP, or the UPBB), is a nation made up of two constituent countries (Bravassia and Bovorttemberg) located next to Swavesey Lake in England. It is a protectorate of the Kingdom of Domanglia and part of the Saxon Empire.


On the 16th of January 2012 ,after much planning, the Principality of Bovorttemberg and the Principality of Bravassia officially declared themselves to be independent from the UK. The former king of the Kingdom of Domum (Darkovar Neconstantianeski) became the Prince of Bovorttemberg, but Bravassia remained without a leader until the 19th January, when Prince Darkovar's brother (Okolumbus Neconstantianeski, better known as HRH Prince Oliver of Domanglia) became the prince of Bravassia. Two days before Okolumbus became the Bravassian Prince, Bovorttemberg, Bravassia and Domum became protectorates of the Domanglian Federation, and have remained as protectorates to this day. On the 23rd January 2012 Prince Darkovar of Bovorttemberg became the prince of Bravassia, uniting the monarchies of the Principality of Bovorttemberg and the Principality of Bravassia. The United Principality was created, the newest addition to the Saxon Empire.


The United Principality is a monarchy, ruled by a prince. The prince was traditionally the heir to the throne of the Domese Kingdom, but after the Domese Kingdom became a region in the Kingdom of Domanglia on the 14th February 2012 and the Domese royal family became the Domanglian royal family, the United Principality became in personal union with Domanglia. His Royal Highness, Prince Darkovar (the King of Domanglia) is the current prince.


The United Principality is located in England, next to Swavesey Lake. It is made up of Bovorttemberg and Bravassia.

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