United Provinces of Kalamazoo

Out of many, one
Hail Colombia
Capital city Kalamazoo
Largest city Kalamazoo
Official language(s) English, Spanish, German, Other
Official religion(s) No Official
Short name Kalamazoo
Demonym Kalamazooian
Government Constitutional Monarchy, Federal, Constitutional Republic, Diarchy
Legislature Congress
- Number of seats - 20
- Last election - January 2014
Established October 3, 2012
Population 186
Currency Kalamazoo Dollar (US Dollar most commonly)
Time zone EST
National sport Football (Soccer)
National animal Bald Eagle

The United Provinces of Kalamazoo is a micronation founded on Oct. 3 2012.  The country has never been in any major conflict and normally remains neutral. It has a large neighbor to the south known as The United Provinces of Ignats and they have had border disputes throughout there histories. But the U.P.K had a Civil War that had shaken it to the core. 


The government runs with the King and prime minister and is much like the early United States. However it does not normally intervene with other nations unless they effect the United Provinces in politics or the economy. The United Provinces also does not say yes to war unless as stated in the constitution "Local militia's will form to protect their way of life and property from foreign invasions." and only declares war if it harms the nation. Very recently they have declared that if any Micronation that is not from the America's must ask before hand to not cause border disputes.

The Legislative Branch has the power to make laws, treaties and vote on the supreme judges the President chooses. they can also impeach the Prime Minister or president if they are doing something against the law and can override a veto by a 2/3 majority.

The Executive is headed by the King or Queen or Prince/Princess regent but he remains more of a figure head. The Prime Minister job is to take care of foreign affairs. The President job is to take care of national affairs. The Monarchs can propose laws and sign them and veto them. The President can select judges and make them candidates for the supreme court.

The Supreme Court check was to see if they abide by the constitution or not and can have the power to make the ultimate decisions for the nation if a large issue ensues within all the courts across the country. They can also put those convicted of treason on trial.


Austenasia rebels
Kalamazoo flag

It was founded on October 3, 2012 by HRH King Luis 1 and has since been active in North America. They had a small rebellion which made the current constitution instead of a loose provincial nation where they did not identify them selves as "Kalamazooian's".

It had been in a civil war with the date around May, 14, 2014 when the conflict began. It had been engaged between Pro Kalamazoo government officials and Pro Austenasia rebels. The conflict began when a small part of the U.P.K wanted to make a new democratic Austenasia but they instead of voting to leave as the constitution states but invaded all the country from the south. The Confederate Provinces of Austenasia was formed and tried to establish an alliance with the Empire of Austenasia but never received a reply. They were defeated at the Battle of the Wood. Since then the U.P.K has had a neutral history they have never been engaged in a large scale war with a foreign power.