United Provinces of Utopia

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United Provinces of Utopia

God Save Emperor Karl
Canada, United Kingdom, Czech Republic
Capital city Luxor City
Official language(s) Aerian, Other:, English ,German ,Czech
Demonym Utopian
Government Constitutional confederate monarchy
- Emperor HIM Karl Friedrich I.
- Prime Minister Gavin Wetmore
- Opposition party leader Awaiting elections
Established 24th of August, 2011
Area claimed Awaiting calculation
Population Awaiting census
Currency Utopian Dollar
Time zone GMT +?,GMT +0, GMT+1


United Provinces of Utopia was self-declared unrecognized nation, or a seccesionist fifth world micronation[1] which is macronationally located in Canada, United States of America and Czech Republic. The nation is similiar to Confederate monarchy composed of Archduchy of Lurk, Free State of Pashema, and the Acrestian Republic.[2] On the 9th of October, after much anticipation, it was succeeded by the Utopian Confederacy, but has not been de jure disestablished.


Idea and pre-Utopia era

The idea originated in Monovia, and was announced by Harry Fitzpatrick in a video, which explained how Utopia should work.[3] The proposed state was an unitary state of four micronations, namely Monovia, Pashema, Lurk and later Baconia.

First Utopia

Second Utopia

Current Utopia (Confederate Utopia)

The nation was re-established after Skype convention on 18 May 2012 and included Pashema, Monovia, Lurk and independent advisor Erasmas Underwood.

Late stage

A week after establishment, United Provinces of Utopia slowly started to become more inactive, the legislative process started to take more time and some nations, for example Pashema was almost internet-inactive. In June, Danland joined Utopia, and left after a short while. During Summer, Utopia saw many new nations joining, namely Spanionte and Balmex. In June, disputes between Harry Fitzpatrick and Gavin Wetmore occured again, which Erasmas Underwood attempted to stop. After a new confederal constitution (written mostly by Erasmas Underwood), Monovia left due to disputes with Gavin Wetmore and other expectations from the union.

Very Late stage

In late September 2012, Gavin Wetmore assumed that the United Provinces of Utopia disestablished and left it. It left only Karl Friedrich as the only active government member. He decided to not dissolve the nation, and rather continue with it as a free confederation of micronations, which can join or leave at any time they want.


  1. Website of Utopia
  2. Constitution of Utopia
  3. - A video by Harry Fitzpatrick announcing the original 2011 idea.

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