United Realm of Johntania
Kaharian Estados ng Johntania
Johntanian Flag
Coat Johntania
Coat of Arms

"Our kingdom united as one, with God"
"Our Monarch Bless"
Map of Johntania2

Location of Johntania (Blue) and

its Crown Territories (Red)
Capital city Jasmine HQ
Largest city Jasmine HQ
Official language(s) English and Filipino
Official religion(s) Roman Catholic and Christianity
Demonym Johntanian
Government Unitary Constitutional Monarchy
- Monarch King John Benedict I
- Chancellor Cameron B.
Legislature Realm Convention
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 10 seats max.
Established Proposed: November 24, 2013 Officially Established: March 27, 2016
Area claimed 0.5 Acres (excluding territories)
Population 9 and counting
Currency Johntanian Peso
Time zone Eastern Time Zone: UTC-05:00
National sport Golf
National dish Bacon and Rice
National drink Water
National animal Red Squirrel

Johntania, officially the United Realm of Johntania, is a model nation, a micronation, a sovereign state located in North America. Laying off near the southern East Coast of the United States in the state of South Carolina, it includes four administrative regions, which are cities. The country itself is located and claimed in a bedroom/backyard in a South Carolinian household. The adminstrative regions are Jasmine HQ, City of Cornelia, City of Greenday, and City of Makalay. The country is so small, that instead of dividing it into states or provinces, they are divided into cities.


History Edit

The United Realm of Johntania is a micronation, which lays claim to a backyard and a bedroom, organized in administrative divisions of "cities".

Proposed Era Edit

The history of the nation dates back in the year of 2010. King John I, formally named King John Benedict I, created a "fantasy" country on paper, figuring out if it could really become a real country in the future. The people of Johntania called it the "Proposal", the day when Johntania was made into concept. There is no known exact day of the "Proposal", but many researchers insisted it was around March of 2010.

Reviving and Golden Era Edit

A few years later in 2013, the United Republic of Johntania was established as a school project, with King John I who created the country a few years back, was of course, the monarch.

The King made an A+ on his country project. From that point on, Johntania was a concept on paper and was not really a nation physically. So, the concept of a micronation was abandoned for a while.

Diamond Era Edit

In the years of 2015 and 2016, plans began to arose when King John Benedict I began reviving the country project again. This time, with physical land.

On March 27, 2016 the country was renamed to the United Realm of Johntania, with the word "realm" instead of "republic" to match with the unitary semi-absolute monarch government. As a result, many people of Johntania call it the "Diamond Era", a timeline of great achievement, innovation, and plans for the future.

On July 7, 2016 the results of Johntania becoming a Constitutional Monarchy instead of a Semi-Absolute Monarchy has been published. According to the votes 70% wanted the country to become a Constitutional Monarchy for democratic reasons while the 30% wanted to keep the Semi-Absolute system.

Government and Politics Edit

Johntania is a unitary state under a semi-absolute monarchy. This means that although the head of state and government is a monarch with absolute powers, the monarch has to consult with the chancellor, similar to a prime minister, who is also the head of government of Johntania. The monarch and the chancellor make up the executive branch.

The current monarch of the United Realm of Johntania is King John Benedict I. The current chancellor of the United Realm of Johntania is Chancellor Cameron B.

The monarch serves for life, while the chancellor serves for a year. A new chancellor will be appointed and chosen by the monarch, choosing representatives from the Realm Convention.

The legislative branch in Johntania is called the Realm Convention. This branch consults with the executive branch with any issues, important discussions, news, and laws that should be made. It is unicameral, which means it's only made up of one house, unlike the United States, which houses the House of Representatives and the House of Senate. The number of seats in the Realm Convention is 10 (maximum) but the seats can vary. Furthermore, the Realm Convention is a group of representatives who represent each city in Johntania. All the representatives are appointed by the monarch.

The city's local government is headed by the monarch, chancellor, and one representative from the Realm Convention. The monarch's role in each of the cities is the Governing Commissioner. The chancellor's role is Governor-General and the representative's role is Co-General.

  • Governing Commissioner:
    • Same powers as the monarch
  • Governor-General:
    • Same powers as the chancellor
  • Co-General:
    • Represents an administrative region
    • Guards a region
    • Gives an annual report/speech of what the people want in that specific city to share with the monarch

Monarch Edit

His Royal Majesty, King John Benedict I
His Royal Majesty King John Benedict the first, by the Grace of God, of the United Realm of Johntania, and his territories, King, Head of State of his Realm and Territories, Commander in Chief of all branches of the Johntanian Military, Defender of the Faith

Reign March 27, 2016-Present
Predecessor Throne established
House House of Queso
Born July 6
The current and first monarch of Johntania is King John Benedict I. He is the head of state of the country.

He also has a chancellor, Cameron B., who is only the head of government and helps the monarch with governmental day-to-day events and necessities.

He is part of the House of Queso. The word "Queso" is not His Majesty's last name, but it was derived from the Spanish word "queso" meaning cheese.
Royal Cypher and Monogram of King

The King's official cypher and monogram

Some powers of the monarch:

  • Responsible for all the decisions of the Johntanian government
  • Appoints and chooses government officials
  • Manages the work of government departments and agencies
  • Active in the Realm Convention
  • Represents the United Realm of Johntania internationally
  • Works in conjunction with the Realm Convention
  • Provides stability and continuity
  • Schedules meetings with the chancellor
  • Give royal assent to all the bills the Royal Convention/chancellor passes before they can become laws
  • Symbolic and ceremonial role in the country
  • Manages all Foreign Affairs

Some powers of the chancellor:

  • Responsible for all the policies and decisions of the Johntanian government
  • Oversees and organizes the work of government departments and agencies
  • Serves as a liaison between the monarch and the government
  • Recommends candidates for the monarch to appoint
  • Active in the Realm Convention
  • Advises the monarch with the day to day duties by helping her with writing speeches, presentations, etc.
  • Advises the monarch with foreign relations
  • Can write and make laws

Administrative Regions Edit

The administrative regions of Johntania are so small, that instead of dividing it into states or provinces, they are divided into cities. Since the country is a unitary state, local governments are controlled by the national government.

In addition, Johntania has claimed territories in the northern part of North America, near Greenland. All of the claimed territories are small islands. The territories are governed by the monarch only. The territories are formally called Crown Territories.

United Realm of Johntania: Edit

Name Description Leaders AdministrativeDivision Residents
Jasmine HQ (Capital) Named after the royal dog of the royal family of Johntania, Jasmine HQ is the capital city of the country. It is the only city that is not governed by the local government. Since it is the country's capital, it is, of course, governed by the national government. Located in the claimed bedroom. Controlled by the national government Capital City 5
City of Cornelia The City of Cornelia, or just Cornelia, is a small city located in the claimed backyard. The location, specifically using cardinal directions is, northwest. Governing Commissioner: King John Benedict I

Governor-General: Cameron B.



City soon
City of Greenday The City of Greenday, or just Greenday, is a small city located in the claimed backyard. The location, specifically using cardinal directions is, northeast. Governing Commissioner: King John Benedict I

Governor-General: Cameron B.



City soon
City of Makalay The City of Makalay, or just Makalay, is a small city located in the claimed backyard. The name has no meaning or history behind it; but, it is based off of the Filipino/Tagalog language and the pronunciation of the word. Governing Commissioner: King John Benedict I

Governor-General: Cameron B.



City soon

United Realm of Johntania's Territories (formally known as Crown Territories): Edit

Name of Territory Flag Monarch
Beacon Territory Flag
HRM King John Benedict I
Coltenberg Territory Flag
HRM King John Benedict I
Southwestern Greenland
Southwestern Greenland Territory Flag
HRM King John Benedict I
El Royal
El Royal Territory
HRM King John Benedict I
Elementian Territory
HRM King John Benedict I

National Anthem Edit

Title: "Our Monarch Bless"

O Lord, our monarch bless;

With strength and rightiousness

Long may he reign,

Home of the brave and free

Home of the regal king,

Long may it stay that way,

God Save the King!

Realm full of do’s and don’ts

Uphold the public cause,

It shall maintain.

Wave the grand realm flag,

With pride and dignity,

Blue, yellow, and royal red


Citizens of the land,

Hail to the noble king,

Figure of peace.

May the King reign foremost,

Left and right of the throne,

And sing with heart and voice,


Languages Edit

The official languages of the United Realm of Johntania are English and Filipino (Tagalog). His Royal Majesty speaks multiple languages: Filipino, English, Spanish, Pig Latin, and a little bit of French. Most of the residents and/or citizens of Johntania either speak fluent English, fluent Filipino, or both. As a result, His Royal Majesty officially declared the two languages of English and Filipino as the official languages of the United Realm of Johntania.

Foreign Relations Edit

Johntania, since its official establishment on March 27, 2016 has little recognition. Johntania has an official foreign policy but its diplomacy is guided by a commitment to be recognized by as many nations as possible and to make a noticeable and positive impact on the global community. Below are countries/micronations and organizations that currently have diplomatic relationship with the United Realm of Johntania as a "country".

Recognized by Micronational Organizations:

  • Coalition of the Allies Microstates
  • Pentagonal Alliance

Diplomatic relationship with other micronations:

Allies with other micronations:

Citizenship Edit

Anyone can be a citizen of Johntania. But, in order to do that, you must take the Official Citizenship Test of the United Realm of Johntania. The test is a bit rigorous, so make sure you have studied the official wikia page of Johntania. By the command of His Majesty, the King of Johntania, you must score an 80 or above. If you do score an 80 or above, you are officially a citizen of Johntania. His Royal Majesty will email you with a congratulations certificate for your citizenship. You can only submit ONE response. If you do not pass this test, you will not be able to repeat this test. Instead, His Royal Majesty will email you a quick paragraph of not passing the test and will give you an option to retake a different test, if you wanted too. Good luck!

Here is the test:

Media/Social Media Edit

Johntania has a variety of social media sites that could promote the country. Here is a list of just a few:

  • YouTube
    • The leader of Johntania, King John Benedict I, has his very own YouTube channel called John O Tron, where he posts videos about Minecraft, technology related categories, games, app reviews, and more. He also has a vlogging channel, The Exotic J's Vlog where is vlogs his life once in a while. Most of his vlogs are vacation/trip videos.
  • Twitter
    • @JohntaniaGov The United Realm of Johntania has its own Twitter page for everything Johntania related. The Twitter page of Johntania's sole purpose is to promote the micronation, collaborate with other micronations for foreign relations, news, and updates of Johntania. Treat this Twitter account as a discussion or "forum" page as well, because it's basically a place where ideas, topics, and questions can be exchanged!
    • @ExoticEpicFilms King John Benedict I also has a personal Twitter account, where he posts random content about his real life, family life, Minecraft, etc.
  • United Realm of Johntania uses the official @JohntaniaGov Twitter account to discuss anything with the Johntanian Government, such as being allies with other micronations, membership to an organization, recognition states, etc. They can also be emailed at

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