United Republic of Dolmenia (ENG)
Verenigde Republiek van Dolmanië (NL)
Dolmanian flagReal Emblem Of Dolmenia

World people unite (ENG) Wereld mensen te verenigen (NL)
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Capital city Stonefield
Largest city Helderdam & Darring City
Official language(s) English (US), Dutch
- President George W. Bush
Legislature Parliament
Currency Euro, Dollar
National sport Soccer, Basketball, Rallying, Motorcross, ATV Racing
National animal Eagle and Lion
Patron saint Not Available
Internet Domain .DOL

The United Republic of Dolemnia was founded as fantasy or really country and a micronation, and it is a stronger country and do you know that Dolmenia has Dutch peoples and the American peoples, and the capital city is with 2 languages called Stonefield, that is a kind of New York but then what bigger.


Dolmenia was a country in Western Europe to the North Sea and that then had no languages and inhabitants, then came the Netherlands and eventually in the hands of the United States of America, because Europe does not already have a country that speaks American English and the word also had a new colony of Netherlands, and Dolmenia was divided into two parts, the people speak American English in New Texas, and in the part New Orange speak the peoples Dutch, and Dolmenia also gets a piece micronation created by Guy van Volen in Amstelveen, the Netherlands and becomes more and Dolmenia became friends with Dolmenia United States of America, and also get Helsvenium and the micronation in Netherlands colonies such as called the Rhine Republic of Arnhem, and Dolmenia even has enemies such as Iran, Ukraine, North Korea, Cuba, just as they attacked Dolmenia word questions aid to the army of the Americans but fortunately works together with the European Union and the United States of America,Dolmenia but where they don't want to work together is Russia, because then it gets Dolmenia Dolmenia problems, and lives on in Europe.

Foreign Relations



Recognized Nations (Friends)

Opponents (Enemies)


Information about the press, television, etc comes maybee later.