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United Scotannaea
Leader George Vovk
Founded November 2013
Headquarters Nicktown, Pickards Field Federation
Ideology Christian democracy, Liberal conservatism
Political position Right wing
International affiliation No Affiliation yet
Official colours Blue
National Assembly of Scotannaea
4 / 45

United Scotannaea is a political party in the Republic of Scotannaea founded in November 2013. It's ideology is to keep traditional values within the country, create a social democracy where everyone has a chance to change by participating in elections. And it's other aims are to commence the reunification of Scotannaea and gain more land across the world, And create tougher policies on education to make the economy even stronger.

United Scotannaea Political Compass


United Scotannaea currently holds 2 seats in the National Assembly of Scotannaea but will have to wait until the next Scotan General Election to see which seats United Scotannaea will occupy in the National Assembly.

On 10 November 2013 Georgy Vovk was appointed the chairman United Scotannaea. The new party leadership is going to create between other parties "Democratic coalition". Formation will begin in December 2013. The ideology of party was changed from a socialism and conservatism to Christian democracy and conservatism.

In 2014 the party is going to participate in parliamentary elections as "The democratic coalition".

On 12 January 2014 the party exposed became the participant of parliamentary elections in Scotannaea.

Party leadership

  • Georgy Vovk - the president of party
  • Roman Yurkin - the vice-president of party

Flag of Scotannaea

Republic of Scotannaea

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