The Micronation, United States Prime, U.S.P., or U.S.Prime, was founded by the emperor on July 29, 2015.


Originally named, Vältimatu Empire, By the founder HiH Daniel; He changed the name September 20th 2015, when he decided to claim the entire planet as his sovereign territory.


Goods produced by the Micronation include, artistic works, literature, and leather crafts.


The Micronation is an Anarcho-Capitalist Monarchy. With ultimate power over laws concentrated in the hands of the land owners, The Emperor being the sole landowner currently.

Notable Laws

The final law under the Emperor is that every citizen is free. There are no restrictions on travel, no prohibitions on substances, and no regulations on trade. There are no Corporations as an Anarchy is dependent upon personal responsibility/liability. non-consenting violence is illegal. Duels to the death are legal. There is no restriction on weapon ownership; however, there is a registration and co-signer requirement.

Space Program

U.S.Prime has a mission to Mars planned. It will piggyback on the NASA Insight mission in 2018. By sending it's, Explicit Unambiguous Claim, aboard the Mars bound craft The U.S.P. will be the first earth based micronation to officially claim territory on mars in a real physical sense.

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