Unova is the national anthem of the Grand Duchy of Dodoa. The anthem has no lyrics but is just instrumental. It is played on a normal piano. The song isn't written. It was just made out by pressing random keys. Duke Dylan Sandlin made the song and made it the anthem.



Major Cities
 Monomew   Ausshaffen
 Tigress City    McKow

 Dertyr     Smokia   Klausenburg     Von Steuben   Buschton

 States All italics are capitols of states
 Waldschnecheland, McKow  West Waldschnecheland Ausshaffen    
 Tigress State Tigress City    Smokia  Smokia   

The Dictator

 Schillings (§) Rafts (♣) 100♣ = 1§ 
 Unova Written by Sandlin
Languages spoken
   Klaise language,official ~ German, minorly spoken in Ichabodopolis 
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 November War II ~ Sandlinite America ~ Free Land of Dodoa(defunct)

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