The Vanguard Powers (VP)

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Anthem of the VP (Awaiting legislation)
Official Languages: English, (more to be accepted as nations join)
Active Membership: 5 member states
Established: 16th June 2010
Chancellor: Daniel Morris, Dorzhabad
Vice-Chancellor: Michael Sweeney. Florfinbourg
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The Vanguard Powers is a micronational pro-peace movement founded on June 16, 2010. It aims to deter warmongers through mass popular support. Leaders and commoners of member nations admit that sometimes aggressors will not back down despite being asked to and that sometimes support from other micronations is needed to at least threaten the security of warmongers. It claims to not be an alliance that attempts to invade other micronations or threaten pacifist ones but instead aims to help nations that have come under fire from "World War II Germany types".

The VP's Role in Society

To Promote Peace and Condemn Violence of any Kind

To Encourage nations to talk with each other and find a peaceful resolution to anything

To Protect Nations Accordingly

To Fight displayed extremism of any kind, and Aggression to another faith or political ideology or philosophy

To Unite all Creeds, Colours and Peoples in Defence.

The Vanguard Powers have been labeled a rival alliance and potential threat by the IMC.

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