Vehicle registration plates of the ICU are used to represent the registration number of the vehicles of the member micronations of the ICU.


All member micronations table's must have a red stripe with the Emblem of the Intercommunist Union of Micronations and a member code before the registration number. All micronations that are in the process of joining the ICU just need to have a red stripe and a micronation code before the registration number of the vehicle

Kingdom of Central Korea Plate Stripe Fourth Reich Plate Stripe Democratic People-s Republic of Jonitoria Plate Stripe

Vehicle Registration Plate Type

Kingdom of Central Korea (CK):

  • Private & Commercial Plates used by the citizens & by the companies
    Private & Commertial KCK Plate

    Private & Commercial Vehicle registration plates for Central Korea

Prefix (XX) Region
JG Jang
MLC Maslačina
OB Obre
BV Bjelavići
PBV Podbjelavići
RC Ričica
Čaluci (TBA)
  • Special plates used by vehicles with special purpose, for example: trucks over 4.7 m of height, vehicles that are used to build some buildings, self-driving cars, Road Traffic Control Vehicles (RTCV), buses, trolleys, etc.
    Special KCK Plate

    Special Vehicle registration plates for Central Korea

  • Temporary plates used by citizens that are testing a new car, or the type of car is in Beta mode...
    Temporary KCK Plate

    Temporary Vehicle registration plates for Central Korea

  • Military plates used by the military (CKNA and some military missions that are active in Central Korea for more than 6 months)
    Military KCK Plate

    Military Vehicle registration plates for Central Korea

  • Diplomatic plates used by Diplomatic Corps in Central Korea
    Diplomatic KCK Plate

    Diplomatic Vehicle registration plates for Central Korea

Code Country/Organisation
000 Kingdom of Central Korea corps
001 Okupirana Teritorija Obri, Bjelavića i Čaluka corps
002 Albania
003 Andorra
004 Angola
005 Argentina
006 Armenia
007 Czech Republic
008 People's Republic of China
009 Cuba
010 Denmark
011 Fiji
012 Finland
013 France
014 Georgia
015 Germany
016 Iceland
017 Federated States of Micronesia
018 Norway
019 North Korea
020 Russia
021 Slovakia
022 Sweden
023 Tajikistan
023 Turkmenistan
024 Ukraine
025 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Ireland
026 United States of America
027 Kosovo
028 Empire of Skywalkistan
029 Federal Republic of Luna
030 Union of Socialist Micronational Republics
031 Intermicronational Union
032 Fourth Reich
033 Intercommunist Union of Micronations
034 Central Korean Parliament
035 Dinasty Palace
036 Ministry of Finance
037 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
038 Ministry of Justice
039 Ministry of Homeland Security
040 Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • "Project 888" plates is used by: Police, Ambulance, Fire Department and SSAlert Department.
    888 KCK Plate

    "Project 888" Vehicle registration plates for Central Korea

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