Republic of Vladislavia

(The First Verd'landian Republic)
Vladislavian state flag
State Flag
Coat of arms of Vladislavia
Coat of arms

Esse Quam Videri!
(To be, rather than to seem!)
"Arumiɩ Rem"
Arumiї Rem

National melody
"Volfiɩ Sẽngɩ"
Map of accepted locations for Vladislavia
Sweden Any house in Stockholm's Län
Capital city Ziegler
Official language(s) Verdlandian flag (3-2) Verd'landian
Official religion(s) Verdism
Short name Vladislavia
Demonym Verd'landians
(and also "Citizens of Vladislavia")
Government Authoritarian democratic state
- Malgart Vladislav Chokin
Legislature Sfatul
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
Established 1st October 2016
Population 1
Currency Euro [€]
Time zone GMT+2
National dish Verdlandian flag (3-2) Merelins
FPRV Flag Croissants
National drink Verdlandian flag (3-2) Niviɩa
FPRV Flag Rimieg
National animal FPRV Flag Fox
Fanachia small flag Fennec
Internet Domain .vl (proposed)
.eu (de-facto)
National E-Mail:
(in construction)

Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia (vdl. Vẽrdɩlandiɩ Respublika Vladislaviɩa; se. Värdjlandska Republiken Vladislavien) - is the project of creating of autonomous territory, whose residents (from 1 to infinity of persons) would have the laws, culture and typical mindset of Verd'land - the fictional utopic land.

Positions itself as part of Sweden.


To the Autumn 2016, Vladislav Chokin abandoned all projects of teenager's organisations, which were coming to his mind. They all were failed, as they came out of popularity, and Chokin hasn't quality of leadership at all. To have opportunity to set his own order without necessity of impossible recruiting, Vladislav created his last project: the micronation. As he has the fictional universe, he declared himself a part of its nation, and his state began to be Verd'landian one.

During left 2016 year he invented attributes of new country. Due to obscurity of exact establishment date, he set up the 1st October as averaged day of modern Vladislavia's creation.

The first its flag, Vladislavia got on 13th March. It was ordered with size 160x90 sm, and made from strong cloth. But unfortunately it was with defect - its sleeve wasn't stitched.

On 27th March, country had started its passive participation in Eurovision Song Contest like a voter.

21st April became fateful for Vladislavia. In this day, the conflict between Republic and Russian micronational organisations were started. Some time later the conflict got the name: "The War of Senses".

On 7th May, Vladislavia was registered in Postcrossing. Republic became the first micronation and first world's country, ready to participate in this movement officially.

Soon, Vladislav signed Act №2, in which he completely rejected project of national currency (Mirtўnї), and replaced it by Euro.


Main article: Verd'landians

Vladislavia copies fictive anthropomorphic Verd'landian nation, described by Vladislav Chokin as ideal society.

Nation of "Vladislavians" is not exist and won't exist ever.


Vladislavia consider all music which made in medieval or celtic styles/genres as national, because Verd'landian national music is analogical. Lower, there are some examples of claims:

  • Merchants of Novigrad (The Witcher III OST)
  • Ai Vis Lo Lop (Occitan national song)
  • Winterwolf (Brunuhville)

"Wolf Blood" composition is considered as national together with flag, coat of arms and anthem. Future capital of Vladislavia is named with surname of its autor - the Swiss composer Adrian Von Ziegler.


Main article: Passport of Verd'landian

Main article: Passport of Citizen of Vladislavia

Vladislavia has very strict migration's policy, and isn't required of massive recruitment of new citizens. The reason is in in quite strong nationalism in questions of population, and Malgart's wish to create not the biggest, but the friendliest national community.

Republic has two kinds of citizenship, and no one gives a right to live in Vladislavia (this right is actually given personally by leaders of administrative subjects of Republic). Status of Verd'landian sights the nationality, and status of citizen is the same as status of non-citizen (so called "alien") in Latvia or Estonia: it shows that person has opportunity to cooperate with Republic, but not declared himself a Verd'landian, and because of this he hasn't some civil rights.

To create, increase and save real Verd'landian nation, Sfatul rejects liberalization of citizenship getting.



Unlike many of micronations, Republic has a lot of external transport building projects ("Railroad of Vladislavia", "Aviatransport of Vladislavia", "Fleet of Vladislavia" e.t.c.), which embodiment would be agreed with local government. All Vladislavian transport companies taxed at 10%.


Vladislavia has the independent fund, replacing default state's bank. It called "State's Fund of Vladislavia".


Verd'landians believing in Verdism (Kliregul) have the special chronology system. Besides original names of months and days of week, they using own countdown date - 1st January 1543 AD. Vladislavia borrowed its chronology, and widely uses it.

National Holidays

DateHolidayVerd'landian name
1st JanuaryNew YearNeviɩ Anul
8th MayDay of VictoryZivgarɩ viktorẽlor
15th MayDay of defianceZivgarɩ nɩolamnuarẽlor
17th MayDay against homophobia and biphobiaZivgarɩ facã gomofobiɩa und bifobiɩa
6th JuneHoliday of "sister"Arasot "sarɩelor"
23th SeptemberDay of lotamismZivgarɩ lotamizmilor
1st OctoberDay of RepublicRespubličiɩ zivgarɩ
15th DecemberDay of railwaysZivgarɩ feratãkoleɩarẽlor
16th DecemberDay of Verd'landian languageZivgarɩ sprigilor vẽrdɩlandiɩ
31th DecemberNew YearNeviɩ Anul

Current status

Main article: Vladislavian Government in Exile

Vladislavia is defunct at this moment, and will have this stage for a few years.

V.Chokin represents all Sfatul (5 persons) himself, and his decisions considered as decisions of all country. Sfatul works on symbolic purchasing, decision of small problems, amendment of Larmiga, voting in external events e.t.c.

By different ranking systems, Republic takes places far away from the first ones.

Actual classification (for 11.08.2017)

  • Billbrough-Miles Micronational Ranking System: 6
  • Qualitative Classification (Tallini): 7th World
  • Dan's System of Classification: 5th World
  • David's Micronational Potential Index: 1,8
  • Dresner's System of Classification: 1,8
  • Freayth's System of Classification: 3,(3)
  • Linden's Revised System of Classification: 2,6[1]
  • Matthew's Democracy System of classification: 2,75
  • Usian Bureaucratic Scale: 3,2

Future location

VDL inner autoplate

Vladislav Chokin refuses to establish Republic in Ukraine or slavic countries, as mentality of slavs will contradict with some Verd'landian values. To maximally reduce risk of conflict with local population, Chokin gets ready to immigrate in Sweden and establish Vladislavia in suburbs of Stockholm.

Former variants were Romania and Ireland, but different circumstances weed them out.

International relationships

Vladislavia (like Socialist Albania) is quite misanthropic and enclosed country with doctrine of resistance against of external aggressors. Because of original ideology, which is big mix of different and, sometimes, incompatible principles, this microstate has a lot of opponents and enemies, like religious activists, conservationists, fighters for traditional values, and nationalists.

In the beginning of may of 2017 year, Vladislavia became a neutral country, which is not accept membership in micronational commonwealths and unions, and isn't accept diplomatic propositions if don't start them itself.

Recognized macronations

Flag Name Date of recognition
Flag of the United Nations United Nations 01.10.2016
Flag of Abkhazia Republic of Abkhazia 01.10.2016
Flag of Nagorno-Karabakh.svg Republic of Artsakh 01.10.2016
Flag of taiwan Chinese Republic 01.10.2016

Macronations and organisations, considered as destructive:

Azerbaijan Flag Azerbaijan Totalitarian government
Flag of the Chechen Republic Flag of Russia Chechen Republic (subject of Russia) Totalitarian non-liberal state
Flag of Donetsk Republic Donetsk People's Republic Totalitarian non-liberal state
DPRK flag DPR of Korea Totalitarian government
Flag of Iran Iran Radical Islam
Banner of ISIS ISIS Radical Islam
Flag of the Lugansk People's Republic (Official) Lugansk People's Republic Totalitarian non-liberal state
Flag of Russia Russia Totalitarian non-liberal state
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Radical Islam
Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Totalitarian non-liberal state


Republic was juridically being opened for diplomatic relationships, but formally was keeping cold neutrality. From that time, governments of so called Herbatrian Federation and New Yugoslavia (with former illogical name "Kingdom of Central Korea") were expressing desire of establishing of mutual relationships, but first was scared of post communicating, and second failed it, and recognitions were collapsed.

After accepting of "Act of Self-Aggrandizement" in 1st May 2017, Republic became neutral country, which haven't interest of having diplomatic relationships and memberships in commonwealths and unions. Some time later, country fully rejected recognition of already recognized micronations.

List of states recognizing Vladislavia:

Both macronations, micronations and OMD's [2], regardless of relationships status.

Flag Type Name Date of recognition
Talonlippu O.M.D Talon 24.01.2017
Kamar O.M.D Enok 14.05.2017
Final O.M.D Fornelos 22.05.2017
Flag of SFR Yugoslavia O.M.D New Yugoslavia 26.05.2017
Flag of Ourania O.M.D Ourania 23.06.2017

Micronationalistic organisations, considered as destructive:

Flag of Ayland so called "Ayland" Imperfectness, contradiction with values of Vladislavia, hateness, vandalism, insult of Verd'landian nation.
Dikrai so called "Dikray" Imperfectness, alliance with opponents, possible contradiction with values of Vladislavia
Konakovo so called "Konakovo" Imperfectness, alliance with opponents, possible contradiction with values of Vladislavia
Flag of Moresnet so called "Lon'eyard" Imperfectness, contradiction with values of Vladislavia, hostility, insult of Verd'landian nation.
Flag of Skulia so called "Schoolia" Imperfectness, contradiction with values of Vladislavia, hostility.
Flag of Valendia so called "Valendia" Imperfectness, contradiction with values of Vladislavia, hateness, vandalism, insult of Verd'landian nation.
Без имени-1 so called "Velansia" Imperfectness, alliance with opponents, possible contradiction with values of Vladislavia, hostility.


  1. Negative perception mark is the 5 (highest), because those who criticizes Vladislavia are commonly not recognized as "micronations" by it.
  2. "Organisation of Micronational Direction". This is the official definition of unrecognized (or temporary unrecognized) micronation in Vladislavia.


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