Vladislavian Verd'landians
(Vladislaviї Vэrdїlandїat)
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Verdism, Agnosticism or Atheism

Verd'landians (vdl. Vэrdїlandїat, Vэrdїlandiїat or Vэrdїat) - is the fictional ethnos, created by Vladislav Chokin, and depicted as example of ideal utopic society. By author, it have been included in separate ethnic group and nation with the same name.

In 2016, Chokin declared it as existing in real world, naming himself as first representative of it. Verd'landian nation is the main in the Republic of Vladislavia.


In the Chokin's universe there is no actual explaining as of source of nation's calling, as of source of country's name. Verd'landians have two assumptions: the first one just says that this country and nation have green - colour of Verd'landian forests and meadows - as the main.

Other says about religious meaning: Verd - the national half-god - created his land, and named it with his name.


In universe

See at Verdwikia: Verd'landians

In real world

Creating of universe

In the beginning - in 2011 and 2012 years - Verd'land and Verd'landians haven't this names. New universe was created just for writing of fanfics about modernized and idealized world of Redwall. The parallel land was increasing, but then the question appeared - if citizens of new land aren't native Redwallians, and (as their new mentality requires) can't name their state this way just because they have 0,03% of Redwallian and Noonvalian population, what name this land and nation should have? This topic has been "black zone" for many years, but in 2015, the sudden breakthrough was happened.

In this year, land was inhabited by furries, and Furristic People's Republic have been created. After little thinking, it got the name "Verd'landia", because Vэrdiї is Green in Redwallian, and green is national color.

Momentally, all land of "New Redwall" got long-awaited name. Language have been transformed into Verd'landian, and in the same time, modern Russian-Verd'landian dictionary was created. Universe have almost completely split from Redwall.

Real Verd'landians

Vladislav Chokin made the anthropomorphic (furry) appearance unneeded for typical Verd'landian. The main features of nation stayed at the same points (described below).

After that, creating of real diaspora became not so hard as it could be earlier. So, on the 1st October, Vladislavia, the national territory of all real Verd'landians, was created.

Race representatives

Making comparisons, Vladislav tried to explain the main evidences of person's theoretical allegiance to Verd'landian nation:

  • Person is acquainted with any European folk culture, and he is close to it.
  • Person knows basic Verd'landian.
  • Person is able to cook national dishes.
  • Person is not link him/herself with one nationality (can call him/herself an Verd'landian).
  • Person is not religious and not christian/orthodoxal/muslim.
  • Person is quite modest by nature and in needs.
  • In regular conditions person is calm and neutral. In extremal and dangerous ones - can demonstrate aggression.
  • Person is liberal to everything. Exceptions can be in extremal cases.


Main article: Verd'landian language

Verd'landians have their own language. It is big mix of European ones, but still it has a lot of originality.

In universe

See at Verdwikia: Verd'landian language

In real world

Learning and speaking in Verd'landian are complicated, because lexic and grammar development is quite low for full-valuable language. Still, it is bigger than development of language made just for fun.


Work in progress


Work in progress