Verdlandian flag (3-2)
Total population
8 345 000
Regions with significant populations
Verdlandian flag (3-2) All Verd'land 8 000 000
FPRV Flag F.P.R.V 345 000

Verd'landian and Russian


Verdism or Atheism

Vladislavian Verd'landians
(Vladislaviї Vэrdїlandїat)
Verdlandian flag (3-2)
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 1

Russian, Verd'landian, English


Verdism, Agnosticism or Atheism

Verd'landians (vdl. Vэrdїlandїat, Vэrdїlandiїat or Vэrdїat) - is the fictional ethnos, created by Vladislav Chokin, and depicted as example of ideal utopic society. By author, it have been included in separate ethnic group and nation with the same name.

In 2016, Chokin declared it as existing in real world, naming himself as first representative of it. Verd'landian nation is the main in the Republic of Vladislavia.


In the Chokin's universe there is no actual explaining as of source of nation's calling, as of source of country's name. Verd'landians have two assumptions: the first one just says that this country and nation have green - colour of Verd'landian forests and meadows - as the main.

Other says about religious meaning: Verd - the national half-god - created his land, and named it with his name.


In universe

Religious theory

As Cliregul (or Verdism) - local religion - says, Verd created Earth to populate it by pretty creatures to let them live in the eternal heaven. But other god, called Om, taked away planet and have populated it by his own kind of creatures - by humans, to listen their praises. When he noticed that his "slaves" don't pay attention to him, he created different languages, cultures, ideologies to divide people. Also, he created other living gods and religions to bump people in hateness to each other. New natural disasters, diseases, epidemics were created to kill people slowly but with a lot of suffers. Then, Om just left Earth, and flew away in far space.

Verd came back to himself on the Moon in middle ages, and, seeing all disaster at his former planet, he cried without stop for some centuries. But then he learned ruling by multiuniverses and parallel worlds, and created small piece of his own land - Verd'land - laid in parallel world in south of Spain. Climate was imported from northern lands. The Verd's and Om's creatures were mixed together and new nation was born - Verd'landians. Two main gods of humanity were killed by Verd due to their impudence, intrigues and adding of unneded and quite hostile ethnic group - orthodoxal slavs. At Earth began the Era of Renaissance.

That was happened in 1543rd year Anno Domini.

Known history

Recorded history of Verd'landians started in beginning of XX century only. Earlier chronology was presented by Cliregul only.

Disjointed Verd'landians began to hang out with each other - village by village and town by town. In 1923rd, the first likeness of state was created - it was "Anthropomorphic Verd'land". Then, in 1929th "The Great Verd'land" was created, and this state have united most part of country.

In 1963rd it was transformed into "Federation of Verd'landian Localitets", and two years later was declared slav's state - "Verd'landian Slavic Republic", or more preferred by local population - "Russian and Serbian State". The reigning orthodoxal community declared that "anthropomorphs" (half-animals, who are not rodents) are enemies of their regime due to their "lustfulness, atheistic or cliregulistic religious views" and other untruthful reasons. Anthropomorphs have already left Republic and moved to Anthropomorphic Verd'land. But those who still were living in Slav Republic, were killed in genocide. Long years later, Anthropomorphic and Slav Republics were being ready to begin war, especially in 2000, when Anthropomorphs declared themselves "Verd'landian Furries", and accepted Vetanism (Mix of polyamory, bisexuality and promiscuity) as the main state's kind of relationships.

Then, in 2009, southern towns Stahov, Ahtonev and Snerginї declared People's Republic of United Lands of Verd'land, and, with helping of other states, forsed Slavic government to liquidate their state and add it into new country. In the same time, somebody have read books about Redwall, and by his "mind's force" created Redwallian Fortress right near Stahov. Locals made Russian their new native language to have opportunity to talk. Historians also resurrected all living and dead ancestors - local heroes from Noonvale and near places.

After sudden "coming out", when Russian airliner with route "Moscow-Barcelona" lost the course and got into "portal" to hidden land, Verd'landians began mass conquestings of southern european countries - for expanding of industry. Even DPRK was conquered and given to control of United Nations.

In 2014th, Furristic Verd'land made its own "coming out" and began to create furry diasporas in all world.

In real world

Creating of universe

In the beginning - in 2011 and 2012 years - Verd'land and Verd'landians haven't this names. New universe was created just for writing of fanfics about modernized and idealized world of Redwall. The parallel land was increasing, but then the question appeared - if citizens of new land aren't native Redwallians, and (as their new mentality requires) can't name their state this way just because they have 0,03% of Redwallian and Noonvalian population, what name this land and nation should have? This topic has been "black zone" for many years, but in 2015, the sudden breakthrough was happened.

In this year, land was inhabited by furries, and Furristic People's Republic have been created. After little thinking, it got the name "Verd'landia", because Vэrdiї is Green in Redwallian, and green is national color.

Momentally, all land of "New Redwall" got long-awaited name. Language have been transformed into Verd'landian, and in the same time, modern Russian-Verd'landian dictionary was created. Universe have almost completely split from Redwall.

Real Verd'landians

Vladislav Chokin made the anthropomorphic (furry) appearance unneeded for typical Verd'landian. The main features of nation stayed at the same points: Verd'landian language, own religious views, separated from Christianity and Islam (or total absence of them), and medieval-styled music - are the main ones.

After that, creating of real diaspora became not so hard as it could be earlier. So, on the 1st October, Vladislavia, the national territory of all real Verd'landians, was created.

Race representatives of nation (in universe)

Anthropomorphs are default and main by Cliregul. But despite anthropomorphs are serious diaspora, the bigger part of them lives in FPR, and usually don't leave this country. Biggest part of them are bisexuals and polyamoristic, and they make families with 3 or 4 partners independently from each other's gender. They are lustful and immodest. Very aggressive to opponents of their lifestyle. They called their mindset "Lotamism" (from keleic word "Lo-Tami", which means "The Possible love")

Rodents are de-facto anthropomorphs and furries, but they don't consider themselves so, and usually don't follow ideology of lotamism. Rodents are usually heterosexual and monogamous. More calm and tolerant almost to everybody. Humans have common mindset with rodents.

Ratio of furries, rodents and humans (for 2015 year in universe) is: 1:6:3 for southeast, 1:3:6 for northeast, 3:5:2 for central northern and southern lands, 4:5:1 for western lands and 9:1:0 in Furristic State.

Anthropomorphs (furries)

  • Fox
  • Fennec
  • Arctic fox
  • Wolf
  • Husky
  • Hyena
  • Jackal
  • Leopard
  • Snow leopard
  • Cheetah
  • Lynx
  • Panther


  • Mouse
  • Rat
  • Squirrel
  • Otter


  • Humans

Race representatives of nation (in real world)


  • Humans

By law of Vladislavia

  • Verd'landians-humans
  • Verd'landians-furries


Main article: Verd'landian language

Verd'landians have their own language. It is big mix of European ones, but still it has a lot of originality.

In universe

The ancient ancestor of Verd'landian language was Keleic language, which died in 19th century.

Verd'landian language was native almost for all Verd'landians, but except of them, northeastern Verd'land was inhabited by Slavs, speaking Russian and Serbian.

To minimize the language barrier, second Kondukător of Great Verd'land - Virganї I - decided to open enormous amount of language schools in all Verd'land. But he and his supporters overdid with this. Big inculcation of Russian language made it native almost for half of population.

In real world

Learning and speaking in Verd'landian are complicated, because lexic and grammar development is quite low for full-valuable language. Still, it is bigger than development of language made just for fun.


Work in progress


Work in progress

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