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Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia
Vladislavian state flag
State Flag
Vladislavian emblem

Minўї Homї - Minўї Kvorga.
(English: My Home - Is My Fortress.)
Arumiї Rem
Arumiї Rem

Map of accepted locations for Vladislavia
Map of acceptable locations
     Ostensibly allowed place
     Place has many disadvantages
     Highly unrecommended place
     Totally unacceptable place

Capital city Not declared
Official language(s) Verdlandian flag Verd'landian
Flag of the United Kingdom English
Flag of Romania (by Sarganї) Romanian (planned)
Official religion(s) Verdism
Short name Vladislavia
Demonym Verd'landian, Citizen of Vladislavia
Government Authoritarian Republic
- Malgart Vladislav Chokin
Legislature Sfatul
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
Established 1st October 2016
Population 1
Currency Euro [€]
Time zone GMT+2
National dish Verdlandian flag Merelins
FPRV Flag Croissants
National drink Verdlandian flag Polїanica
FPRV Flag Rimieg
National animal FPRV Flag Fox
Fanachia small flag Fennec
National E-Mail:

Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia (verd. Vэrdїlandiї Respublika Vladislaviїa; ro. Verd'landească Republica Vladislavia; rus. Вэрдьландская Республика Владиславия) - is the project of creating of autonomous territory, whose residents (from 1 to infinity of persons) would have the laws, culture and typical mindset of Verd'landia - the utopic fictive land, created by Vladislav Chokin - Vladislavia's founder and current leader.

Positions itself as part of Romania or Ireland. At this moment, government is in exile at Ukrainian territory.

It have provocated a thunder of hateness in society of so called "russian micronationalists". This conflict is called "The War of Senses" in Vladislavia.


Vladislav Chokin created a project of "Independent State of Vladislavia" on 1st October 2016, but after that decided to rename it into "Verd'landian Republic"

The first editon of Vladislavian Larmiga (analogue of traditional Constitution) was created in 5th January 2017.

The first its flag, Vladislavia got on 13th March.

On 27th March, country had started its passive participation in Eurovision Song Contest like voter.

On 23rd April, Vladislav Chokin reformed Verd'landian names and callings in Government. Departments and Ministers of Sfatul were renamed into Commissariats and Commissars accordingly.

On 1st May, the name of highest seat in Government changed from Kondukător to Malgart. In the same date, the first decree of V.Chokin and Sfatul, named "Act of Self-aggrandizement" was created - it turned Vladislavia into neutral country, rejecting propositions of diplomatic actions from all micronations.

On 7th May, Vladislavia was registered in Postcrossing. Republic became the first micronation and first world's country, ready to participate in this movement officially.

On 19th May, Vladislav signed Act №2, in which he completely rejected project of national currency (Mirtўnї), and replaced it by Euro.


Main article: Verd'landians

Vladislavia copies fictive anthropomorphic Verd'landian nation, described by Vladislav Chokin as ideal society.

Nation of "Vladislavians" is not exist and won't exist ever.


Firstly, Vladislavia was an atheistic state. In 26th May 2017, it got national religion of Verd'landians - Verdism (or Cliregul).


Vladislavia consider all music which made in medieval or celtic styles/genres as national, because Verd'landian national music is analogical. Lower, there are some examples of claims:

  • Merchants of Novigrad (The Witcher III OST)
  • Ai Vis Lo Lop (Occitan national song)
  • Winterwolf (Brunuhville)
  • Wolf blood (Adrian von Ziegler)


Main article: Passport of Verd'landian

Main article: Passport of Verd'landian Furry

Main article: Passport of Citizen of Vladislavia

Vladislavia has very strict migration's policy, and isn't required of massive recruitment of new citizens. The reason is in national and ideological identity - Vladislavia is Verd'landian country, and requires Verd'landians only. Anyway, three kinds of citizenship are fully available for getting if Republic is needed some, most suitable persons.



Unlike many of micronations, Republic has a lot of external transport building projects ("Railroad of Vladislavia", "Aviatransport of Vladislavia", "Fleet of Vladislavia" e.t.c.), which embodiment would be agreed with local government. All Vladislavian transport companies taxed at 10%.


Vladislavia has the independent fund, replacing default state's bank. It called "State's Fund of Vladislavia".


Verd'landians believing in Verdism (Cliregul) have the special chronology system. Besides original names of months and days of week, they using own countdown date - 1st January 1543 AD. Kliregul presume that in 1543 half-god Verd created Verd'land and killed two Earth's main gods, and that actions forced Medieval era to end.

Naturally, Vladislavia borrowed its chronology, and widely uses it.

National Holidays

DateHolidayVerd'landian name
1st JanuaryNew YearNeviї Anul
27th JanuaryDay of Nazism Damnation (Holocaust Memory Day)Zivgarї dэ Glittorїa Nacўzmilor
13th FebruaryInternational Radio DayIntэrnacўonaliї Zivgarї Radielor
14th MarchNational Day of Verd'landNacўonaliї Zivgarї Vэrdїlandilor
20th AprilFurry day (National Day of Verd'landian Furries)Zivgarї Furrilor
8th MayWWII Memory DayZivgarї Atminelor dэ DLV
9th MayWWII Victory DayZivgarї Viktorэlor dэ DLV
15th MayDay of DefianceZivgarї Nїolamnuarэlor
17th MayInternational Day Against Homophobia and BiphobiaIntэrnacўonaliї Zivgarї Facă Gomofobiїa und Bifobiїa
1st September Day of Remembrance of Soviet Educational System's VictimsZivgarї Atminelor dэ Sakritorїat of Sovetiї totalitariї školiї sistema
23th SeptemberVetanism DayZivgarї dэ Vetanizm
27th SeptemberInternational Tourism DayIntэrnacўonaliї Zivgarї Turizmelor
1st OctoberRepublic's DayRespubličiї Zivgarї
15th DecemberRailroad's Day (temp.)Zivgarї Feratăkoleїarelor
16th DecemberDay of Verd'landian LanguageZivgarї Limbelor Vэrdїlandiї
31st DecemberNew YearNeviї Anul

Current status

Main article: Vladislavian Government in Exile

Vladislavia is defunct at this moment, and will have this stage for a few years.

V.Chokin represents all Sfatul (5 persons) himself, and his decisions considered as decisions of all country. Sfatul works on symbolic purchasing, decision of small problems, amendment of Larmiga, voting in external events e.t.c.

Future location

VDL inner autoplate
VDL Romanian autoplate

In ideal expected case, Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia will be located at a private house in any town or city of Romania, if locality will be situated near or in Carpathian Mountains, if there won't be poor place with big amount of Roma people or criminals, if it will have comfortable transport communication with capital. The best variants: any town or city, sighted near mountain's segment of railroad line "București → Brașov" (Câmpina → Comarnic → Sinaia → Poiana Predeal Timișu de Jos Brașov); and town Pitești.

Exist variants of setting of Republic in countries like Finland, Sweden or Netherlands, but for Vladislav it is very hard to do.

International relationships

Vladislavia (like Socialist Albania) is quite misanthropic and enclosed country with doctrine of resistance against of external aggressors. Because of original ideology, which is big mix of different and, sometimes, incompatible principles, this microstate has a lot of opponents and enemies, like religious activists, conservationists, fighters for traditional values, and nationalists.

In the beginning of may of 2017 year, Vladislavia became a neutral country, which is not accept membership in micronational commonwealths and unions, and isn't accept diplomatic propositions if don't start them itself.

Recognized macronations

Flag Name Date of recognition
Flag of the United Nations United Nations 01.10.2016
Flag of Abkhazia Republic of Abkhazia 01.10.2016
Flag of Nagorno-Karabakh.svg Republic of Artsakh 01.10.2016
Flag of taiwan Chinese Republic 01.10.2016

Macronations and organisations, considered as destructive:

Azerbaijan Flag Azerbaijan Totalitarian government
Flag of the Chechen Republic Flag of Russia Chechen Republic (subject of Russia) Totalitarian non-liberal state
Flag of Donetsk Republic Donetsk People's Republic Totalitarian non-liberal state
DPRK flag DPR of Korea Totalitarian government
Flag of Iran Iran Radical Islam
Banner of ISIS ISIS Radical Islam
Flag of the Lugansk People's Republic (Official) Lugansk People's Republic Totalitarian non-liberal state
Flag of Russia Russia Totalitarian non-liberal state
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Radical Islam
Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Totalitarian non-liberal state


Republic was juridically being opened for diplomatic relationships, but formally was keeping cold neutrality. From that time, governments of so called Herbatrian Federation and New Yugoslavia (with former illogical name "Kingdom of Central Korea") were expressing desire of establishing of mutual relationships, but first was scared of post communicating, and second failed it, and recognitions were collapsed.

After accepting of "Act of Self-Aggrandizement" in 1st May 2017, Republic became neutral country, which haven't interest of having diplomatic relationships and memberships in commonwealths and unions (except of formal self-recognition as part of European Union). Vladislavia provides diplomatic actions if they're started by itself.

To recognize micronation, Vladislavia follows next paragraphs of Larmiga:

  • They're successfully working, and can provide evidence of real existing.

15.89 - States, which declared their independence, but not having opportunities or right to control their territory and also provide existence, aren't recognizable for Vladislavia.

  • They have serious goals.

15.90 - States, created without serious purposes, aren't recognizable threefold.

At this moment, VRV fully recognizes only 3 micronations:

Date of recognition
FlagofSealand Sealand Full independence 01.10.2016
SeborgaFlagNew Seborga Presence of national identity and autonomy 01.10.2016
Flag of Molossia Molossia Presence of unique national features 01.10.2016

Micronationalistic organisations, considered as destructive:

Flag of Ayland so called "Ayland" Hateness and vandalism
Flag of Moresnet so called "Loneyard" Hateness to Vladislavian principles
Flag of Skulia so called "Schoolia" Hateness to Vladislavian principles
Flag of Valendia so called "Valendia" Hateness and vandalism

List of states, recognizing Vladislavia:

Both macronations, micronations and OMD's [1], regardless of relationships status.

Flag Type Name Date of recognition
Kamar O.M.D Enok 14.05.2017
Flag of SFR Yugoslavia O.M.D New Yugoslavia 26.05.2017


  1. "Organisation of Micronational Direction". This is the official definition of unrecognized (or temporary unrecognized) micronation in Vladislavia.

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