Verden Space Expedition is a government program containing simulators and space balloons in the Parliamentary Republic of Verden. So far, only progress has been made in the space simulator but the VSE plan to send a space balloon up and take results from altitude meters, etc.

A.B.L.E Project

The A.B.L.E Project is a joint aeronautical expedition by Verdenese and Grummian space programs. The project is a space balloon attached to small monitors such as an altitude metre and it shall be launched in Verden where it will float up guided by string, and when necescary, bought back down once all the information has been recorded. A.B.L.E is work in progress.


VSE Penda I

The VSE Penda I was a simulated space ship built by the VSE and sent to the moon. Although the craft only
VSE Penda

VSE Penda I

VSE Penda cockpit

Inside the cockpit of VSE Penda I

made it half-way, it landed safely after being pulled back to earth and safely landing in the sea, to be rescued by the VSR (Verden Space Rescue) Erika spaceplane. The flight was the longest simulated at 3 hours and 46 minutes. It was reported that the data recieved from the flight will be put into the joint Verdenese and Grummian project, ABLE. The flight consisted of three cosmonauts all of which made it safely back to the space centre. VSE Penda met up with VSE Space Station Alpha halfway through the journey and refuled. However, the fuel was still not enough due to a structural design failure where the mass-thrust ratio was out of proportion. The space ship slowly dropped back to earth, falling into the atmostphere and deploying chutes. Despite all of this, the mission was still classed as a sucess due to the fact it was the farthest distance covered as of yet. A second flight, VSE Penda II is planned to be launched soon with slight adjustments to the mass-thrust ratio aswell as adding more decoupler stages.

VSE Schriber

The VSE Schriber is a satellite system in progress proposed to orbit the earth. So far, most attempts have failed. The system is to also have a docking port and a crew hold so other cosmonauts can refuel and use it as a jump to other planets. It is noted that the VSE Schriber is an unmanned vehicle and cosmonauts will only be present once the satellite is in orbit and operational.

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