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Republic of Vetria

Repubblica di Vetria (Italian)
Lyðyvylð e Vetria (vet)
Poblacht na bhFetria (Irish Gaelic)

Repóblica de Vètria (Modenese)
Vetria COA
Greater Coat of arms

Ionadaí agus Daoine (President and People)
Va' Pensiero (Giuseppe Verdi)
Vetria new Map
Capital city Vetria City
Largest city Vetria City
Official language(s) Italian, Vetrian, Irish Gaelic
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Vetria
Demonym Vetrian
Government Presidential Republic
- President Filippo Pradelli
- President of Parliament Tommaso Pradelli
- President of Deputies Palace Mattia Ambra
Legislature Congress of Vetria
- Type - Bicameral
- Number of seats - 100
- Last election - 2012
Established June 27th, 2012
Population 11.322
Currency Vetrian Lira
Time zone GMT +1
National sport Football
National dish Crescentine
National drink Lambrusco
National animal Canary
Patron saint St. George

Vetria, called the Republic of Vetria, or more professionally, the Presidential Sovereign Republic of Vetria is a presidential republic. It was founded on June 27, 2012, by Filippo Pradelli from Modena, Italy. Filippo became the first president of Vetria.

Vetria Lesser Coat of Arms

Lesser Coat of Arms of Vetria


Vetria was planned to exist back in 2010(?), but it was originally intended to be Filipponia.


Vetria Districts
  1. Federal District (Colloquially La Rocca)
  2. Concordia
  3. San Giorgio (Sometimes St. George)
  4. Bixio
  5. Alta Città
  6. La Villa


Football is the widest sports in Vetria. There is a football team. There is also a sport named Wallball.

National Symbols

The national symbols can be found here.


In addition to traditional Roman Catholic, Muslim and Jewish holidays, there are local holidays in Vetria.

  • June 27: Independence/National Day
  • August 28: MDAD
  • September 18: R. L. Garside's Birthday
  • September 28: Founder's Birthday

Vetria does not recognize April Fools' day.

Diplomatic Relations


Political Parties


The hand traffic in Vetria is on the right (like Italy, USA, China, France etc.).

License Plates

Private Car


The license plate is black with grey letters, the scheme is this: V-LNNNL.

  • V=Vetria
  • L=Letter
  • N=Number

It can be customed with a max of 7 characters, as it doesn't appear on Banned License Plate Combination List (BLPCL).

Disabled people


Similar to private cars, its characters are narrower and there's a "D" in the end.



The license plate is green with white letters.

It is used by the President.

Tourists' License Plate


The license plate is blue with white characters, the scheme is this: V-LLLNNN

Diplomatic Corps


The license plate is blue with white characters, the scheme is this: V-EENNNN



Similar to president license plate, the scheme is this: V-LNNN


Media in Vetria follows the call signs for every Radio and for every TV Channel (other than the Nationals).


  • S=For south TV/Radio channels;
  • N=For north TV/Radio channels;
  • F=For local TVs/radios coming from the Federal District.


Vetria's official language is Italian, but Vetrian and Irish Gaelic are also national languages.

Vetria's name in various languages

Repubblica di Vetria (Italian)
Rypablach da Vetria (Vetrian)
Poblacht na bhFetria (Irish Gaelic)
Ajelidot gdod Watra (Goro-Vetrian)
こわこく べづりあ/교와고구베랴 (Seyo)
Repubblania Vetria (Mahusetan)
Республикасы Ветря (Yaznaroda)


Vetria officially unrecognizes these macronations:

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Syria
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Pakistan
  5. North Korea


  • AwardVetria Grand Lord of the Order of the Republic of Vetria

Law and order

The highest national law is the Constitutional Charter of the Republic of Vetria.


Flag map of vetria