Kingdom of Filipponia

Regno di Filipponia (Italian)

Rej' do Felepunia (Filipponian)

Viva il re!
Una bella nazione
Capital city Vetria City
Largest city Vetria City
Official language(s) Italian
Official religion(s) Catholicism
Short name Filipponia
Demonym Filipponian
Government Absolute Kingdom
- King Filippo Pradelli
- Congresser of the Kingdom Filippo Pradelli
Established never, planned in 2010
Population 1
Currency Euro
Time zone GMT +1
National sport Football
National dish Crescentine
National drink Lambrusco
National animal Pig
Patron saint St. George

The Absolute Kingdom of Filipponia was a concept version of Vetria, planned in 2010 by Filippo Pradelli, but never entered in action. Although Filipponia was never estabilished, Filippo still claims sovereignity.

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