.:This language/dialect/writing-system is, as of yet, uncompleted, and, therefore, all of the information in this article is subject to warningless change:.

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Spoken in Vetria
Total speakers 1
Language family Vetrianic languages
Writing system Latin
Language type Constructed Language
Regulated by Vetria

Vetrian (Tean Vetriana) is a constructed language, official language of Vetria alo along with Italian and Irish Gaelic.


A a - [a]

B b - [b]

C c - [t͡ʃ]

D d - [d]

E e - [ɛ]

É é - [e]

F f - [f]

G g - [g]

Ğ ğ - [ɣ]

H h - [x]

I i - [i]

J j - [j]

Ĵ ĵ[1] - [d͡ʒ]

K k - [k]

L l - [l]

Ł ł - [ɬ]

M m - [m]

N n - [n]

O o - [ɔ]

Ó ó - [o]

P p - [p]

R r - [r]

S s - [s]

Š š - [ʃ]

Ş ş - [ʒ]

T t - [t]

Ţ ţ - [ʦ]

Þ þ - [θ]

Ð ð - [ð]

U u - [u]

V v - [v]

W w - [w]

X x - [ks]

Y y - [y]

Z z - [z]

Ż ż - [ʣ]

' - [ə] (voiceless vowel)

Personal pornouns

  • Mé (I, Me)
  • Té (You)
  • És/Ésa (He/She)
  • Lin (We, Us)
  • Tu (You)
  • Esei (They)


Vetrian English
Déé dót Hello!
Cónas-a va? How are you?
Buen. Fine./Good.
Mal. Bad.
Grásas. Thanks.
No No
Ta fát rohat. You're welcome.
Séo Here
Deresa Right
Cłé Left
Mor Big/Great
Beg Small/Little
(Nyós) mid More
(Nyós) lu Less
La With
Sén Without
Tá bron oren Excuse me./Sorry.
Dea-mattin/porriz/trattoná/nóce. Good morning/afternoon/night.
Mé no tuskint I don't understand.
Mé hofaið dó... I come from...
No esteah Do not disturb

Vetrian English
Énéro January
Fébréro February
Merj March
April April
Maj May
Yunó June
Yulyó July
Óóstó August
Setemberó September
Ótóberó October
Nóveberó November
Desemberó December


  1. If a font doesn't support the letter "Ĵ", then DJ Dj dj is to be used.

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