Viadalvian Peoples Front
Viadalvian Peoples Front
The Treade Flag of Viadalvia
Dates of operation 2013-Present
Leader Tomek Sloekers
Isabella Verdigaal
Motives Total overthrow of the Viadalvian Republic and found the Viadalvian Empire
Active region(s) Viadalvia Dolmenia Hoogwaard
Ideology Conservatism Monachism Fascism Militarism Anti Socialism
Major actions Guerrilla warfare Terrorist Attacks
Notable attacks Viadalvian Insungency
Status Active
Size 11-22

Viadalvian Peoples Front, is an rebel group led by Tomek Sloekers (nicknamed in Viadalvia Bad Pole), that led an internal rebellion against the Viadalvian Government . Tomek also declared war on Dolmenia

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The rebellion In Viadalvia , has been known as the Viadalvian insurgency. The VPF commanded a force of around 11-22 people, and His Capturd The Citty New Hengelveld as his headquarters founded in Viadalvia the group methods are Guerrilla warfare and Terrorist Attacks The Had a Rebel State Concill (Imperial Concill of the Empire of Viadalvia) 


The Ideology of the VPF Are Conservatism Monachism  Fascism  Militarism and Anti Socialism Ther are also Roman Cathollic Ther believes that socialism the reason is for all wars on this world

The leader of the VPF, Tomek Sloekers is strong dedicated Roman Catholic as well as a Viadalvian Monachrist ther Declared As Emperor of the Viadalvians (Khaizar Das Viadalcia) Many o fVPFs followers supported Tomek  as the Emperor of Viadalvia; however this was never declared . Ther want aboslish the Republic . Form a Imperial State and Destroy the Republican Armys 

Terrorist Attacks

  • A Planed Attack on The Imperious Republicous prevent by the Police
  • Attack on Timograd Fort