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Empire of Viitun
Viitunese Flag
Coat of Arms

We are one. We are Viitun!
We Are United!
Hartlepool, England
Capital city Faren
Largest city Faren
Short name Viitun
Demonym Viitunese
Government Moralistic Absolute Monarchy
- Emperor Tiberius I
- Chairman To Be Elected
- National Treasury £2
Legislature Senate
- Number of seats - 10
Established June 29th 2013
Population 2

The Empire of Viitun (Latin: Imperium Vii) is a micronation established after the collapse of the Imperial Republic of Jakania on the 28th of June, 2013.



The Empire of Viitun was established on June 29, 2013 after the fall of the Imperial Republic of Jakania whom Jeremy Kloth and Joseph Kennedy were responsible for, it is a Moralistic Absolute Monarchy and it's Head of State is Emperor Tiberius I. On June 30, 2013, the Coat of Arms were designed, by the Emperor himself.

Geography & Climate

The Climate of Viitun is exactly the same as the United Kingdom's because Viitun is surrounded by the UK on all sides. The Geography of Viitun, since it claims only a house; a part of the City of Faren, as well as little natural area, is mostly Human-Constructed, so therefore, it is mainly artificial.


The Government of Viitun is that of a Senate with the Emperor as the Head of State, whilst the Head Chairman is the Head of Government. The Empire of Viitun's Legislature is that of a Senate; which currently has 10 seats, but it doesn't yet have actual members of the Senate, except for the Emperor Tiberius I, who is the Viitunese Head of State.


The Economy of Viitun is intended to be exactly the same as Jakania's, which was mostly Capitalist. Since the micronation is still new, it has yet to develop its Economy. The National Treasury is £2.


Viitun's Military is the Viitunese Imperial Army (VIA), which only consists of the Emperor currently, it should become a huge and powerful Army in the future.