VWLF - Virtual World League of Football
13 February 2010
Jan of dadingisila
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The VWLF of Virtual World League of Football is a new form of competitionfootball. Instead of playing with local teams you can now play with countries! It's not a tournament so you can play a full season. One season's duration is +- 1 month.

Signed up Nations

Template:Country data VLAG.png Dadingisila


Where are the matches played?

We prefer It's accesible for each team because it's online on the pc. Matches would be played once or twice a week. The downside is that you have to pay 2 euro for one season. (It can be played free, but then you can't create a new competition so every team would request for friendly matches twice a week...)

An other solution could be But then again you can't play more then one season with the same team. Every new seaon the players change or the team gets reset.

If anyone can offer us a solution or if anyone would like to get more information just leave something behind on the TalkPage then.


buy and sell players

create a real team (logo, outfit, tactics,...)

train your players to increase there rating

it's no calculatet score: play to win! be active!

Why is the information about this so little?

We first want to see if there is enough interest in this. If that is the case then we bring out all the info we got.