The Virtuan Alliance Republic was founded as a school project in late 2013-2014 but suddenly bloomed into a full scale project for a micronation. The first president was a boy named Trent, he was the one who proposed the idea of a multi state government for the country. The citizens (only five at the time) agreed and founded the first judicial system on January 23rd 2014, they made the Aristocratic council. The council was in charge of asking the president to make law ideas and determining whether or not to pass them. They also acted as judges and diplomats in time of war. The V.A.R. is also home to the space agency known as the "Virtuan Alliance Republic Space Exploration and Exploitation Committee". or "Varseec" for short hand. The Virtuan Alliance Republic has a small militia force they call the "Honour Guards" these people are in charge of guarding checkpoints and are in charge of the holy flag pole. The VAR in 2015-2016 made a peace treaty with the micronation of the Aerican Empire and the Phoenix Empire.


  • Aerican Empire
  • Phoenix Empire
  • Riot Island
  • Assassins League

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