Virtustán (rus. Виртуста́н) – an independent virtual kingdom, micronation, self-declared on 29 November 2004.

Basic facts

Population: 106 citizens on 1 mart 2008. Humans form a majority of inhabitants; futher are pets and bots. Note that according to the Virtustan Laws, bots (artificially created software-hardware complexes) and domestic animals (pets) have rights to the limited citizenship. Citizens of Virtustan are called either «virtustánets» (m) (виртуста́нец) or «virtustánka» (f) (виртуста́нка),

Official language: Russian.

Temporary capital: Virtu-city (Вирту-сити), a virtual city.

Form of government: enlightened (educated) monarchy; so every citizen ought to be on the way of enlightenment. The kingdom at present is governed by its creator, King Prool I (Пруль I).

State symbols

The Flag of Virtustan is a banner of white color with a black ring in its center and a green Latin letter «V» over the ring. The white color of the flag symbolizes the cleanliness of intentions and a «tabula rasa» concept; the black ring is a symbol of the Earth and Universe (both of them black color and of circular shape). The green color of a «V» letter is a color of hope; the letter itself is a first letter of words «Virtustan», «Virtual», «Victory».

The coat of arms (emblem) of Virtustan is the heraldic shild, divided by a horizontal strip into two halves. The upper half contains the Flag – i.e., the upper half is of white color with the black ring and a Latin «V». In the lower half are depicted a mythical animal Shooshpanchik (Шушпанчик) and a tomcat.

Administrative-territorial division



As a virtual state, Virtustan does not have concrete geographical location, but many citizens of Virtustan devote part of their personal territory under the Virtustan jurisdiction.

Natural resources



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