Vitomir Petrovič
President of Narentia
 President of Iztaria
Assumed office:
3.2. 2012-26. 2. 2012
Preceded by: Position Established
 1st President of Slevania
Assumed office:
4 March 2012-1 May 2012
Preceded by:

Andrej Veleslav Posavinović (de facto)

None(de jure)

Succeeded by: Alex White
1st President of Narentia

Assumed office:
23 September 2012-13 April 2013

Preceded by: Position Established
Succeeded by: Goran Kovač
Personal Information
Born: N/A
Macronationality: Croat
Micronationality Narentian People
Political Party: NDZ
Religion: Roman Catholic

Vitomir Petrovič is a Narentian politician,who was formerly also the president of Iztaria, Slevania.

He also was the President of Iztarska and Poplavina Republic, is the current leader of the NDZ and a member of the Parliament of Narentia.


Vitomir Petrovič founded the micronation of Iztaria in 2012, and later became one of the co-founders of Slevania.

In summer 2012 he was inactive, but in autumn he founded the micronation of Narentia.

He became its first president, and is seen as founder of the nation.

Political views

Vitomir Petrović is a center-right wing politician.

Preceded by: President of Iztaria Succeded by:
none 3.2. 2012-26.2.2012 none

Preceded by: 1st President of Slevania Succeded by:
Andrej Veleslav Posavinović (de facto)

None(de jure)

4th March 2012-1st Maz 2012 Alex White

Preceded by: 1st President of Iztarska Succeded by:
none 9th March 2012 - 23rd September 2012 none

Preceded by: 1st President of Narentia Succeded by:
none 23rd September 2012 - 13th April 2013 Goran Kovac

Preceded by: Prime minister of Narentia Succeded by:
none 22nd December 2012 - 18th April 2013 Slobodan Pavelic (PPP)

Preceded by: President of Poplavina Republic Succeded by:
none 13th October 2012 - 27th November 2012 Vojislav Markovic

Preceded by: Leader of the NDZ party Succeded by:
none 26th November 2012- incubent


  •  Order Of The Revolution