President of the Socialist Republic of Bromenia
Assumed office:
Chancellor сойка
Foreign Minister шотландец
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 04/5/1997
Citizenship Bromeni, Bulgarian.
Nationality Bromeni
Ethnicity White, Bromeni
Political party Bromeni Workers' Party
Residence Dragostin, Bromenia [Bulgaria].
Occupation Politician
Cabinet Brotherhood For The Greater Good of Society
Religion Secular
Вход (Born 4th June 1997) is the incumbent President of the Socialist Republic of Bromenia residing in the government building in Dragostin, Bromenia. His role includes running the primary functions of Bromenia and initiating regular contact between the members of government across the world. In February 2014 he began a state visit to the United Kingdom staying at the Bromeni Embassy in Hampshire. He was born in Scotland in the late 1990's and has since become the primary figure of Bromenia and all of it's propaganda.

Personal Life

The President occupies the Government Building on a non-regular basis, with much of the time spent improving relations with the United Kingdom. Born in 1997, he is naturally a citizen of the United Kingdom due to his birthplace but unofficially presents as a Bromeni citizen.


Вход is in charge of the Parliament email address in Bromenia. This should be used for direct discussions to be presented to the government as a whole, and thus transactional topics should be redirected to the Chancellory and Foreign Relations or applications for Citizenship should be directed to the Foreign Ministry, all of which are listed on the Bromenia government website. (


2013 Election

As one of the three founding members of Bromenia it was decided that Вход would be the President of the newly founded nation.

2014 Election

The first official Bromeni diplomatic term began on the 4th January 2014, ensuring Вход in his official role as President. He currently has no competition from the 18 other citizens and such is expected to be re-elected in 2015. Since the Bromeni Workers' Party is legally the sole political party in Bromenia, Вход will remain in power until a new party leader is chosen or abdication occurs.

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