Vladislav Chokin
Владислав Чокин
Vladislav Čokin
(Sarganї Ralistagalucї)
Vladislavian Leader Flag (new edition) The Malgart of Vladislavia
Assumed office:
1st October 2016
Flag of Emperor of Fazezda The 1st Emperor of Fazezda
Assumed office:
17th May 2017
Senator not selected
The 1st President of Kickassy Confederation
Assumed office:
24th August 2017
Prime Minister not selected
Personal Information
Born February 25, 2001
Odessa, Ukraine
Citizenship Ukraine, Vladislavia, Ladonia
Nationality Verd'landian (declared himself)
Ukrainian (direct)
Romanian, German (by ancestors)
Ethnicity Verd'landian (declared himself)
Slav (direct)
Residence Odessa cityflag Odessa
Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy flag Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy
Religion Verdist agnostic
Native language Russian
Political beliefs Liberal nationalism
Social beliefs Flag of Lotamism Heterosexual lotamism
Signature Vlad.Ch Sign.png
Nickname(s) Sarganɩ Ralistagalucɩ

Vladislav Maximowich Chokin - is the Founder and First Leader of micronation "Republic of Vladislavia" and comic microstate "Fazezda". Also, Leader of several failed teen's organisations.

As part of Verd'landian nation, he also took typical Verd'landian name Sarganɩ Ralistagalucɩ.


Childhood and preteen age

Vladislav born at 25th February of 2001 year in city Odessa, Ukraine.

From childhood had problems with socialisation in kinder-garden, and then - in middle school. Because of otherness in interests, Chokin suffered from discrimination and bullying. In 2013, his family moved to another district due to problems with property. In new school, he got the penultimate place in "hierarchy" of local form. Primitive ideology of students have almost made his lifestyle similar to gopnik's one.

But despite this, Chokin tried to create some organisations for "old-styled" intellectually rich students. Due to lack of this type of people, all tries were useless.


In 2015, Chokin left local common school, and entered in Kharkovian private school at remote education. 5 months later, Vladislav almost recovered from negative aftermaths of presence in typical school.

After all tries of recruiting, he abandoned all projects to start inventing of his own micronation, where he would be able to represent his own fictive world, called "Verd'landia". This micronation couldn't be named so, and also using of the same symbolic was unacceptable. After some thinking, he gave it his own name - Vladislavia. By his own opinion, it was the huge exception (He don't respect decisions to name country by somebody's private name), and if there wasn't aesthetic coincidence, this country could be never called so.

In 2017, Vladislav frequently suffered from hard depression because he was realizing his tiny chances to not only establish full-valuable microstate, but to find respectable and comfortable job and live calmly. His temper and intellectual level is too high for unskilled, low-qualified work, and too low for the opposite variant. The only way to escape was suicide (By Vladislav's beliefs, death can relocate soul in the place and shape, which was the most desired for it. In his case - in Verd'land, and in body of anthropomorphic fox). Chokin was ready to prepare for closing of Vladislavia to delete every object linked with him after death.

When his parents got knew about possibility of studying in Odessa's "University of Foreign Languages" (giving the most respectable, useful and needed education, but full of nepotism and bribes), which proposes working in best Vladislav's skills - languages - he got the hope, calmed down, and left suicidal thoughts.

In beginning of June 2017, he passed state's exams by Ukrainian, Maths and English with marks 11 (S), 4 (F) and 9 (B) accordingly.

Common description

Relation to state

After creating of Vladislavia, Chokin finally became cosmopolitan. He refuses his real nationality and ethnicity, don't want to deal up with state, and hates when it tries to control him or other people.

Political views

As citizen of Ukraine, Vladislav have been the part of two edges of local conflict - in pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian sides. But then became neutral with preference to Ukrainian regime (because opposite side is totally destructive for him).

In Vladislavia he independently incarnates Verd'landian order, which is able to be described as "liberal-nationalism" - means that Verd'landians have liberal order, and others are discriminated.

Social views

Vladislav partially follows Lotamism, but on the same time don't want to embody it in reality.


At questions about sexual orientation he answers that he is "furfag", and explains this by eternal conflict between his natural heterosexuality, and bisexuality, "working" in furry-format only. He thinks that it is kind of disorder.


Religious views of Vladislav are quite strange. From one side he is former atheist and follower of scientific description of World's creation, and from other - believes in multiuniverses and materialising forse of human mind. By this opinion, he thinks that all gods can exist and there is some sense in belief. He created the Kliregul (or Verdism) for Verd'landian universe, began to consider Verd as his personal god, and made Verdism the official religion in Verd'landian Republic.


The native language is Russian. Vladislav can speak Ukrainian (the main language in Ukraine) and English, studied for 6 years since 2011. Also he has the wish to learn German and Swedish (for moving in Sweden), likes and ready to learn Romanian, can say some expressions in Serbocroatian. Improves own constructed language - Verd'landian, which is the main in his universe and Republic.


He likes national, medieval and celtic music styles, almost hates pop, rap and dub-step.


Has the hobby of collecting of flags, uniform, soviet stuff and pins. Tried himself in postcrossing all 2015 year. Has the wish to make original videoblogs and gaming livestreams.

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