Vladislaviї Mirtўnї
1 Mirtyn' preview

Value 1 VMT = 1,25 USD
Official User(s) Vladislavian state flag Vladislavia
(01.10.2016 - 19.05.2017)
Plural Flag of the United Kingdom Mirtyns, Suts
Verdlandian flag Mirtўnїat, Sutat
Flag of Russia Миртыни, Суты
Denominations Sutat: 1; 2; 5; 10; 20; 25; 50
Banknotes: 1; 2; 5; 10; 100
Central Bank Cariї Fond Vladislavielor
Printer Sfatul of Vladislavia
Commissariat of Internal Affairs
Department of Finances

Vladislavian Mirtўnї (vdl. Vladislaviї Mirtўnї) - is the former official currensy of Vladislavia. It was is analogical with currensies of Verd'landian Universe (which are united with this name), and was having the same starting value towards US Dollar. But its look was different.


Verd'landian Mirtyn'

The project was created by Vladislav Chokin in 2011. In that times, Verd'land haven't this name - its earlier analogue was just mutated fanfictional world - modernized substitute of Redwall.

Currency of this world wasn't having actual name. In different times, callings were changing one by one - there were "Redwallian Real", "Redwallian Rouble", "Redwallian Grivna". But all that callings were united with their value. And that value was 10 Ukrainian Hryvnias for 1 unit.

Only approximately in 2014, when Verd'land became independent universe, this currency have got its personal native name - "Verd'landian Mirtyn' ".

Crisis in Ukraine since Revolution made Hryvnia cheaper in 3 times. Now it costs average 27 UAH for 1 dollar.

But because no coups and crisises were being in alternative history of Verd'land and Verd'landian Ukraine, currencies there are staying in old positions: Mirtyn costs 10 UAH. And 10 UAH is 1,25 USD.

Vladislavian Mirtyn'

Mirtyn' of Vladislavia was having different style, but it saved old value. But due to impossibility to print real banknotes, and due to weakness of state's economy for making it valuable in external world, this currency was completely cancelled on 19th May 2017.