Voivodeship of Transylvania
Maltese cross
Red eagle

"We came, we saw, we conquered"
Treceti batalioane romane Carpatii
Voivodeship map

Capital city Predeal
Largest city Predeal
Official language(s) Romanian, English
Official religion(s) Orthodox, Catholic
Demonym Transylvanian
Government Voivodeship
Established Semptmber 25th 2014
Area claimed Unknown
Currency RON
Time zone Romanian Standard Time
National sport Chess
National animal Eagle
Patron saint St.Andrew


The Voivodeship of Transylvania is a micronation founded in Romania on the 25th of September 2014 claiming Predeal and the towns of Timisu de Sus,  Timisu de Jos, Dambu Morii


The name of the micronation, wich is smaller than the region itslef comes from the region of Transylvania wich once was an independent country. Transylvania joined Romania once and for all in 1918. There are many events in Romanian history regarding Transylvania. One of them is the Revolution of 1848 led by Avram Iancu for the freedom of Romanians. Inspired by that event, Andrew founded the Voivodeship of Transylvania (In Romanian: Voievodatul Transilvaniei) and claimed territory for his newly founded nation. Avram Iancu and many others are currently national heroes of the micronation.


Besides Romanian holidays, the Voivodeship has holidays of its own.

  • 15 March - 1848 Revolution celebration
  • 29 May - Voivode`s birthday
  • 25 September - Founding day

Geography and ClimateEdit

  • Geography

The voivodeship is surrounded by mountains and the terrain is rocky with sheer features and many hills. The micronation`s basic natural resource is lumber.

  • Climate

The temperatures aren`t high and the climate is temperate continental. In winter, the temperatures can go down very fast and winter lasts more than in other regions because the micronation is situated at a high altitude.


We recognize any active micronation and we are open to diplomatic relationships and prepared for war if necesary. Even tought a war can be fought, we don`t want that to happen and consider it unnecesary. Any serious micronation can become an ally or friend of the Voivodeship.

House of NoblesEdit

Andrew along with his family and members of the micronation with political duties are members of the House of Nobles. The House of Nobles has 5 seats or spots, from wich 4 are occupied. The number of seats can increase or decrease according to what the Voivode wants.

House of nobles crest

House of Nobles crest

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