Voland Kingdom

Capital city Alpha City
Largest city Alpha City
Official language(s) Italian and English
Official religion(s) Atheism
Short name Voland
Government Constitutional monarchy
Prime Minister
- Type - Direct Democracy
- Last election - every 2 years
Established 2014
Currency Lira
Time zone Gmt+1
National sport fencing
National dish Focaccia con Formaggio
National drink Water
National animal Wolf

The Voland Kingdom is a new micronation created by the King Francis I in 2014.

It is a costitutional monarchy , based on direct democracy sistem. The government is elected every 2 years by all citizens.

Laws are based on the universal human rights, the King hasn't any juridiciary power

this power is detened exclusively by the judges.


The Voland Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, based on direct democracy. That means that there is no parlement nor politician because every citizen is an active part of the nation's political.

The only elected charge is the charge of ministers and the President of the Chamber, they are elected by citizens every 2 years and no one can be a minister for more than 6 years.

The King and the Royal Family:

The King is the head of state, he has the executive power and also a very limited legislative power, this is not an hereditary charge( that means that when the King dies or abdicate his successor isn't necessarily his son or daughter).

To choose his successor an election will take place and then the winner will be appointed King of Voland, this a lifetime charge (although some exception do exist).

This charge can be given to both gender so there can be king or queen.


It is composed by 4 ministers and the Prime Minister, he is elected every 2 years, this charge can be renewed up to 3 times. Every minister is responsible of his ministry's actions and have to report directly to the King. They can be removed from their charge by the King or by the citizens after a vote.

Military and Police:

Defence Force:

The Defence Force is in charge of defending nation's sovereignty, and also nation's interest abroad. All members are military, they are divided in 3 categories:

- Officers

- Non-Commissioned Officers

- Enlisted

Officers are commanders, they are responsible for at least 30 men, they are helped by NCOs. NCOs are in charge of small units and they responsible for their day to day affairs, such as discipline, maintenance...

The executive branch of the Defence Force are the Enlisted soldiers who perform all task, they only have a limited commandig responsibility (up to 4 men), they are extremely specialized.

Police Force:

The Police Force is in charge of the Kingdom's security and law enforcement, is a civilian force. All policeman are recruited as agent and then they can move up ranks. There are several division inside the Police Force, each one is commanded by an Ispector:

- Criminal Investigation Division;

- Immigration and Border Security Division;

- Counter Intelligence Division;

- Normal Activity Division: Normal police duty, patrol...;