In Klaise, a citizen is forced to vote for a dictator every 2 years. If not, they will be exiled from the inside of the boundaries. - Article 2 of the Klaise Charter

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In Ichabodopolis, there is a second capitol building that serves as the federal government for the uninhabited areas of the north.

 A citizen is forced to vote for a dictator every 2 years. They have to vote or else. The dictator will be drafted and must be a citizen above the age of 13, apart of Sandlinite affiliation and own 2 guns. The dictator never relies on the military and if causes chaos, he will be impeached and an election happens all over again. When a dictator stays in office for the 2 years. There will be a draft for new dictators and if the citizens whom are forced to vote will vote for the dictator they think has the best description in the voting catelog.

More than 80 citizens live in Klaise and are registed citizens. They are forced to go to Monomew, listen to a debate and vote on the draft. When the draft is done, the current dictator goes against the drafted one. Then whoever gets in. They be dictator. If the original dictator is elected, he gets his normal rights.

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