Vznešená Republika (Czech) or Noble Republic (English) is the main political ideology of the Noble Republic of Lurk. It is based on complete equality of citizens, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age and other factors. Freedom of speech, expression, movement and assembly is protected and encouraged by the state.


  • Elected representatives arrange law proposals based on citizens' input or own initiative.
  • Citizens hold the legislative power through national referendums.
  • If the referendum succeeds, the National Assembly reviews it.
  • If found acceptable, the law is signed and becomes part of the national legislature.

Národní shromáždění (National Assembly)Edit

The National Assembly is, with the people, another legislative body. It consists of the Parliament, with elected representatives with full legislative power. The Parliament can also start a referendum, or the people can start a referendum to stop the decision of the Parliament.

Another component of the National Assembly is the Congress of Regions, where the heads of each region decide on several matters, including territorial changes, creating new Oblasts and Themes, accepting the Decrees of President, impeachment of President (must be approved by the National Assembly) and the ruling of state in case of an emergency.