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Former chairperson William McGuire
Former secretary-general Tyler Pylewski
Former spokesperson Anthony Connors
Founded October 1st 2011
Dissolved November 2011
Preceded by FNCP

WAT/FNCP or William, Anthony, Tyler/Friend`s National Communist Party was the attempt to reinstall the Communist Government in Unironia most likley a Federalist instead of a Chessist government because the reborn post Dissolution FNCP was far more accepting of Councilism in a federalist form and more hostile to Chessism because of the Chessist government in power during the first period of the Unironic People`s Republic before the Council Coup

Cresigrad CongressEdit

A meeting between William, Anthony, and Tyler occured where ideas to hold a coup were formed but foiled by a last minute raid from Imperial Soldiers

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