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The War of Senses
Date De-jure: since 20th July 2017

(De-facto: from 18:51 of 21st April 2017)

Location Internet
Status lasting
Vladislavian state flag Vladislavia Flag of Russia Russian OMD's:
so called "Arlend", "Barkalia", "Cornburgia", "Esland", "The Great Piteria", "Grifburg", "Ivstria", "Konakovo", "Rovdino", "Sigvorsk", "Slavignia", "Svetlorussia", "Valendia" and "Velancia"
Flag of Ukraine Ukrainian OMD's:
so called "Dikray" and "Greencountria"
Belarus Flag Belorussian OMD's:
so called "Ayland", "Lon'eyard" and "Schoolia"
Vladislavian state flag Vladislav Chokin
(Sarganї Ralistagalucї)
Flag of Russia Flag of Bulgaria Daniil Hrisanov
Belarus Flag Daniil Krasnitskiy
Belarus Flag Evgeniy Kitikov
Belarus Flag Dmitriy Malets
Casualties and losses
Impossibility to have country's pages in Russian sector of internet due to vandalism, mockery and trolling. Perpetual ban to cross border of Vladislavia

War of Senses (vdl. Vara Merlitor, rus. Война Смыслов) - is the conflict between Vladislav Chokin and so called "representers of Russian micronationalism". This conflict is in action - it will end in case of liquidation of slav micronational movements.

It has place in internet only. Victims are absent.

This name was given due to presence of two different sences of micronational philosophy - like serious cosmopolitan project of new nation in understanding of Vladislav, and extravagant kind of roleplay for micronationalists in Russian-speaking community.


Vladislav Chokin and Russian "micronationalists" - are sworn enemies. Each side of this conflict has own reasons to be against of other one.

Side of Vladislavia

Vladislav Chokin, the leader of Vladislavia, hates Russian community, and consider it as "shame of the great movement". The reason is in frivolity of Russians. As Chokin says, "While good microstates are successfully simulating the real countries, all Russians are unsuccessfully simulating the microstates". Russian organisations commonly have non-original symbolic and names, can be declared in any territory and have no evidence of existing in real life. All "life" is in internet - in VK and Russian MicroWiki. And the main problem for Chokin - is that they don't want to change anything, considering themselves "the experienced micronationalists".

Then, Russians are very rude to everybody and even to each other. As pages in social networks show that they are interested in nothing but blaming somebody for phantom homosexuality.

Side of Russians

Russians hate Vladislav for "high self-esteem" and his beliefs. Almost all local "micronationalists" are conservationists, monarchists and nationalists (or even anticommunists and fascists). They are orthodoxal, sceptic, europhobic and homophobic, hate liberalism, democracy and cosmopolitanism. While Chokin's beliefs are totally opposite.

Russian "micronational" world clearly knows about Verd'landian universe. Due to presense of some percents of bisexual furries there, Russians still consider that Vladislav is gay and zoophile - and wants to declare a homosexual brothel under the guise of micronation. All tries to dispel this ridiculous myth were failed.

Despite Vladislavia is long-term project and this information is not a secret, they like to mock its miserability (which is actual defunction) - by the way, they are not recognizing a miserability of their own "functioning micronations". Russian's favourite action is to give reasons why Vladislavia is bad-quality and why it would be failed. When Vladislav was trying to ask them "Why you think you are better?" - there were no answers instead of stereotyped "Just because you are idiot, moron and faggot".


Side of Vladislavia

Almost all notable "micronations" are recognized as "destructive organisations" in Vladislavia. In case of real aggression, Self-Defense of Verd'landian Republic claims all rights to make everything to eliminate aggressors by non-lethal methods. But due to the far location (Prague), probability of this event is close to zero.

Side of Russians

Both Verd'landian Repubic and war are not recognized by any Russian OMD. The only action they commonly do - is reposting and mockery of posts of country's official page. Due to this reason, official page of Vladislavia in Russian language was closed.

Beginning of conflict

Main article: War of Senses/extra


Main article: War of Senses/extra

Notable dates

  • 21st April 2017 - Vladislav was banned, and his articles of Russian MicroWiki got rude comments.
  • 26th May 2017 - Vladislav's critic notes got confusing answer. Verd'wikia was attacked by vandals.
  • 20th August 2017 - War have started juridically.
  • 5th - 7th September 2017 - Russians have attacked page of Vladislavia in VK. New debates were began. Due to impossibility to stop this, Chokin have capitulated and closed page again and forever. Now, Vladislavia is in war with all notable Russian OMD's.

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