The War of Senses
Date from 18:51 of 21st April 2017
Location Internet
Status lasting
Vladislavian state flag Vladislavia Flag of Ayland s.c. "Ayland"
Dikrai s.c. "Dikray"
Konakovo s.c. "Konakovo"
Loneyard s.c. "Lon'eyard"
Flag of Skulia s.c. "Schoolia"
Flag of Valendia s.c. "Valendia"
Без имени-1 s.c. "Velansia"
Vladislavian state flag Vladislav Chokin
(Sarganї Ralistagalucї)
Flag of Valendia Daniil Hrisanov
Loneyard Daniil Krasnitskiy
Flag of Skulia Evgeniy Kitikov
Flag of Ayland Dmitriy Malets
Ways of resistance are absent Exceptional admin rights
Casualties and losses
Immediate loss of recognition and authority from slavs Perpetual ban to cross border of Vladislavia

War of Senses (vdl. Vara Merlitor, rus. Война Смыслов) - is the conflict between Vladislav Chokin and so called "representers of Russian micronationalism". This conflict is in action - it will end in case of liquidation of russian micronational movements.

It has place in internet only. Victims are absent.

This name was given due to presence of two different sences of micronational philosophy - like serious cosmopotinan project of new nation in understanding of Vladislav, and game for micronationalists in Russian-speaking community.


For Vladislav, Russian micronational movement is not exist. Despite rich materials, like very active Russian MicroWiki, its representers - are kids, who just play in countries with friends. For local movement it's not surprising when somebody steals macrocountry's name, flag, anthem; tries to claim all world or uncontrollable locality, or rules micronation, which is sighted far away, even in other country (which he can't even visit because of low age). Russian micronations haven't sense of existing, because haven't national identity. All their actions are totally virtual. Diplomacy of that micronations is limited by chatting in internet with using of Russian informal vulgar language.

Vladislav Chokin, the leader of Vladislavia, hates Russian community, and consider it as "shame of the great movement", and the main problem for him - is that they don't want to change anything.

Also, the problem is in mentality of slavs: despite absense of sovereignity, they are making "countires" with their own beliefs as national ideology. They are typical: nationalism and orthodoxality. And Vladislavia is liberal non-religious country.


Paragraph contains profanity

Spring's Passive Season

Vladislav created 3 articles about himself and his micronation on 20th April 2017.

"Despite I, the leader of Vladislavia, wish to declare Vladislavia in European state, Russian language is native for me. So, I don't scare to create some articles here, despite consider local micronationalists as schoolboys, and myself - as the D'Artangan. I'm sorry if carrying soul's sufferings with that beliefs. Nobody is ideal."

Taking into account total differency of national ideologies and Vladislav's relation to slav "micronationalists" (written in small note), this date can be considered as actual start of conflict. By the way, Chokin came without respect, but with peace.

Next day he was banned for "Adding of nonsensical text or trash". For Vladislav it was quite strange event's twist. Week later - on 3rd May - articles about him and Vladislavia were suddenly wiped off. All text was replaced by admin's rude comment:

"Sure, nobody is ideal. But if you're name yourself a D'Artagnan and us the faggots, just fuck off, eurofapper!"

12 minutes later, he protected article from editing and returned all text back.

Possibly, this admin was Daniil Krasnitskiy - the "president" of so called "Republic of Loneyard", which ostensibly sighted in Kiev oblast'. Admin, who banned Chokin, was Evgeniy Kitikow - he is the "king" of so called "Kingdom of Schoolia", which ostensibly was created in local school "Mix-Fit" in Minsk, and claimed few pieces of land in Belarus and Ukraine. Both micronations are virtual, have stolen symbolic and absent national identity, and because of this they haven't been recognized by V.Chokin in Vladislavia.

Vladislav was trying to forget this unpleasant event, but gave up and created new account "RisenPhoenix25", in whose description (on Russian wiki) he wrote everything what he was thinking about local community, using the same rude language of his opponents.

"...But when I came and modestly created articles, you have attacked me as wolf's flock on lambie. English MicroWiki have never banned me, and never deleted my articles (And there are more than 10 of them), because nobody is interested in foreign thoughts. So why you're "coming to my garden" and ban for beliefs? Why you ban for differing thoughts? What, too cool, yeah?

...Verd'landians have everything to be separate nation, which is interest in peace and calmness. They will have real language. They already have religion, which will be official. They will have the culture also. So,taking this in account, I can say - Vladislavia lives. Its nation will exist, and this nation will have a lot of features. And because of this, it has right to be. Your fake-nations haven't this right!
(V. Chokin)

On 24th May 2017, War of Senses was completely ended by catastrophic result - all articles were deleted by Russian admins.

26th May

On 26th May the article "How to not react to article's deletion". In it, the same Ramralon (Daniil Krasnitskiy) very blurful, always taking phrases from context, was trying to carry a thought that Vladislav's micronation "isn't follows the paragraphs of THEIR community", that "sovereignity absense is sense of micronations" and "if they are deleting the country - that means that something is wrong". By Vladislav's opinion, every russian "micronation" is wrong, but anyway it has article on Russian MicroWiki.

"We think that the "furry state", existing for 6 years, which was created by student, which FOG (feeling of own greatness - ref.) is bigger than Universe, haven't right to exist."

In evening, local inhabitants got knew about private wiki of Vladislav - about Verd'landian Universe - and committed hard vandalizing attack to few articles. Two vandals were banned quickly, and all their edits were cancelled. Almost all pages were protected to stop devastation operatively. Ostensibly closed conflict resumed.

Debates after war

Soon, Vladislav answered to notorious article "How to not react to article's deletion". He got the new interesting fact and real reason of his micronation's deletion. Following the other admin's words (quite untolerant too), in 2014 Russian micronationalistic community decided to not recognize and accept micronations, whose bases are fictional (as he said, "virtual") worlds.

There were some debates in social networks, but they were useless. Dmitriy Malets have contacted Vladislav Chokin, and due to inadequate rhetoric and totally opposite ideology (Malets is russian nationalist, conservatist, monarchist, orthodoxal and very homophobic person - and Vladislav is democrat, liberal, slavphobic, cosmopolitan, verdist-ignostic and "bi-friendly"), he became a personal enemy of the 1st Malgart.


After this event, Chokin was completely dissapointed in his local compatriots, and left all hopes to set up a contact of solidarity. Their "micronations" are considered as "destructive organisations" in Vladislavia.

Dmitriy Malets, the "leader" of so called "Ayland", is new persona non grata in Vladislavia as his mindset is totally destructive, and he is private enemy of Vladislav Chokin.

Because of deleted articles, Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia won't be known in Russian-speaking regions.

Russian was deleted from list of official languages as he became totally useless.

On 1st May, Vladislavia have issued its first document - the "Act of Self-Aggrandizement", by which rejected all possible propositions of diplomatic relations.

The War of Senses still lasts, and will last untill russian "micronations" wouldn't be liquidated. Chokin thinks that it is question of 5-10 years, cause that "micronations" were created as game by children 12 years old. Now, they are 15-17. When they will became adolescent and get work and family, they won't have time for games and will live seriously. When 8 from 10 russian "micronations" will be liquidated, that would be victory of Vladislavia in War of Senses.


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