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Kingdom of Wavlandia

"land of the Triple Star"
"Triple Star Anthem"
eastern midwest
Capital city Wav City
Largest city Wav City
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Short name Wavlandia
Demonym Wavlandian, Wavlandic
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature Parliament
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - 5/18/15
Established 5/18/15
Area claimed 3 acres
Population 5
Currency Wavlandian Dollar, United States Dollar (de facto)
Time zone Eastern Time
National sport volleyball
National dish cheesecake
National drink Coca Cola
National animal Wolverine
Internet Domain .com .org


The Kingdom of Wavlandia is a micronation established by King Reese I and Prime Minister Teresa Wisenbaugh with the hopes of making a utopia, or something along those guidelines. Wavlandia is a relatively new nation, but is growing at a very fast rate. with its own coat of arms, flag, and most government ministries set up

History Edit

unfortunately, since Wavlandia is a new micronation it does not have any history.

Government Ministries: Edit

the Wavlandian Government Ministries are seperate entities, each with its own elected leader and funded by the Wavlandian Government. Here is the list of official, Wavlandian backed Ministries:

Ministry of Tourism

Ministry of Taxation

Ministry of the Provinces

the Wavlandian Government is still working on more government ministries, here is the list of the theoretical government Ministries:

Ministry of Labor

Ministry of Immigration

Ministry of Resource Management

Ministry of Agriculture

Wavlandian Government: Edit

the Wavlandian Government is a Constitutional Monarchy, with the King of Wavlandia holding key power in some areas. the majority of power is in the hands of the democratically elected Prime Minister. the King has the power to deploy military advisers in specialized zones, but only parliament can declare war on another country

Consolidation Edit

wavlandia is in the process of consolidating its many government ministries into different branches, so that it will be easier for visitors to the webpage to easily find what their looking for. this plan includes consolidating the ministry of tax and the internal revenue ministry into the ministry of money and tax.

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