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Free State of Waydina
FSW Flag

"Together we stand united and free with the wind at our backs and he land at our feet"
"Deep in my heart, We shall over come" [1]
Capital city None, An Administration/Embassy Office
Official language(s) English
Demonym Waydinian
Government Administration Team/Prince of Waydina
- Monarchy(Chief-conductor & Chairman) Kelson I, Prince of Waydina
Legislature Administration/Embassy Council
Established September 20th,2014
Area claimed 1 Office
Population 04 Listed Citizens (For any questions regarding the project or Citizenship)

Free State Of Waydina or the Waydina Project officially Principality of Waydina New Nation Project (Wah-den-ah), is a "New Nation Project" and a modern attempt at creating a sovereign micronation, Headed in North America with a Administration Office. It is located in central Canada and was founded on September 20th, 2014 by Kelson I the Prince of Waydina.


The Principality is an independent "new nation project" formed in 2014 by Kelson I, Prince of Waydina as a modern attempt to create a free nation of total fair rights.


The origin of the name Waydina (Wah-den-ah) is in an ancient Hebrew text meaning "Freedom be the way of the decorated ruling valley"


The Principality Project is lead by Kelson I, Prince of Waydina, Founder and head of the Project - sometimes dubbed it's "Supreme Leader" - and a small Administration Team (note: not the same Admin as this wiki), a Council of representative's chosen for there unique abilities and love for equality. The Principality was once semi-controlled by politics but political parties have been deemed illegal and band, for "everyone can speak freely in council".

Law & Order

The Principality is judicially run under the Law & Bill of Rights where discrimination, religious control, and torture are wrong and will result in punishment. The Principality also abides by many of the laws of its parent nation. The project nation's law enforcement consists of a Minister of Law Enforcement and supportive group dubbed Project Defense Security Team.


The Principality Project has no physical land territory, but offered territory in New Zealand. The Project has an Administration office in Canada that acts as an Embassy that heads the project. Future property might be an Island or Land by water, the Project will included its Main Territory and self-proclaimed annexed colonies.

Main Territory

  • Land in Canada
  • Land in Australia
  • West of Bir Tawil

Annexed Colonies

Foreign Relations/Alliances(on wiki)

The Principality Project is currently in alliance's (On this site) with the Unironic Empire The Kingdom of Doland the Kingdom of North Lewis the Royal Kingdom Of Octavia and the Kingdom of Argathia, Kingdom of Luna, Independency of Killmakia and is continually working on relations with other Micronations.

Recognized Nations; no relations

Recognized Nation; relations


The Principality Project's Military consists of its Defense Security Team lead by the project's Administration Team and chief member the Commander of Forces. The Principality does not endure in war.


The majority of the Principality Project's citizen's are baptized Roman Catholic's but the law states that all faiths are allowed and asks citizens to be positively open minded, though the majority of religion has no power over decisions or there making.


The Principality currently has a Farming economy and is working to further its economic development threw Bartering and Barter.


The Principality Project is open to the customs of its citizens, the Principality has open, free education with open exception to other languages, but all citizens must know English.


The Principality Project is currently building its media, but currently has build a Twitter page WaydinaGovMedia [2]



WaydinaGovMedia on Twitter [3] Principality of Waydina Citizenship [4] and for news form the Principality [5]

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