West Fornelos rebels
La Banda Gallega
Participant in Water Wars (I and II) and Fornelan Cold War

Active 2009(?)-2015
Ideology Liberalism
Leaders JP and Dani
Headquarters West Fornelos
Strength Low at the beginning, high since 2012
Part of Fornelos
Originated as french faction territories
Became United Federation of Fornelos, The Fuackers
Allies basque faction (annexed in 2014), french faction mercenaries (2011) and french faction (2012-2013, annexed in 2013).
Opponents french faction (2008-2012), minor factions.
Battles/wars Little Paris invasion (Water War I), Battle of the square (Water War II)

The West Fornelos rebels (oficially known as "La Banda Gallega (spanish)", "The Galician Gang") were a faction created in 2010 with the aim of rebelling against the french faction. This faction was key to the creation of the United Federation of Fornelos.



During 2008, the village of Fornelos was divided into family groups, where two groups stood out due to their size and power, these groups were the Basque Faction and the French Faction.

While the Basque Faction appeared as a friendly and hospitable group, the French Faction stood out for its egocentrism and of abusing against small groups or solitary boys, located especially in the west zone of the village.

This situation caused the small groups of the west to unite to end the vandalism and thefts provoked by the French Faction. These first members were Dani, JP and Sr.V.

First years (2009-2010)

Currently, few things are remembered, but during this period, the faction itself was very weak, due to the little organization that was in the group and the small amount of young population of Fornelos West. This made them dependent on mercenaries and other insurgent groups in order to attack the interests of the French Faction.

First Water War and french occupation

In 2011, the rebels became allies of low-ranking frenchmens to attack the French Faction. During, the ofensive, the rebels managed to enter in enemy territory, but at the end, the attack failed due that the French Faction had better armament than the rebels.

During the attack, Dani was taken prisioner and they put the condition of liberate Dani if the rebel territory was occuped by some time. Finally, the rebels acepted the condition and they put to the orders of the French Faction until 2012.

Free Territories of Fornelos

When the rebels had permission to independence in 2012, they united again and found the Free Territories of Fornelos, a territories (no micronation) where they had sovereignty, and therefore, independence. The Free Territories of Fornelos were characterized by not having a remarkable leader, making everything decided in real assemblies.

Everything and that the pact was formed, the french faction continued abusing against some people and exploiting the natural resources of the noth side of the Free Territories without permission. At first, the rebels was devoted to warn the french faction, but to the being useless, the rebels declares war to the french faction again.

Second Water War

Just after the independence, the Frech faction decided to illegally exploit the natural resources of the north side of the Free Terriories, something that pissed off the rebels and their allies, causing all of them to attack the French faction with an offensive never seen for that time.

The battle lasted two days because of the strength of the two sides, but in the end they decided to sign a treaty that fulfilled these conditions:

  • The total liberation of the north territories, prohibiting to the french faction obtaining resources of the zone.
  • Respect the border of the Free Territories and the territory of the french faction.
  • Mutual defense of the two groups against external dangers.

Fornelan Cold War and the golden age

During 2013, the two sides became allies and decided to leave the military war for a confrontation centered on the economy, popularity and even the sport.

The result was that the Free Territories gained influence thanks to the businesses and aid provided to the population, not to mention their great development of sports activities, making the rebels known as good athletes. On the other hand, the French faction was seen with displeasure and began to be eclipsed by the rebels in all matters.

Finished 2013, the French Faction crumbles due to its instability and finally it is annexed to the Free Territories, causing that dominate the great part of the village except the north, where its allies were located.

In 2014, the Basque faction is annexed to the Free Territories, making the last free zones occupied by little enemies factions who sought to dominate the Free Territories without success.

Evolution to the United Federation of Fornelos

In 2015, Dani realized that keeping the Free Territories dominated by militias was futile, so he presented the proposal to create a micronation where a stable government was established. The acceptance of the idea ended up being a success, causing that in September of that year the United Federation of Fornelos was proclaimed.


During its existence, the rebels and the Free Territories were characterized by having no outstanding leader, causing a popular assembly to decide the movements of these.

Nevertheless, there were certain titles within the organization, such as the "General of the Army", which was occupied by JP in 2012 and is currently preserved.