Republic of West Trerva
West Trerva

Strength in unity.
[March of Enthusiasts]
Capital city Lerey
Official language(s) English, Spanish, Russian
Government People's Socialist Republic
Established 16 May 2018
Currency West Paxa (WTP)
Time zone UTC-8:00

Agelonian Autonomous Region West Trerva is a territorial autonomy within the Republic of Agelonia.

It is the western part of the former Republic of Trerva.


The Republic of Trerva was a puppet state controlled equally by the Kingdom of Paxia and the Republic of Agelonia. It was created on 15 May 2018 during the Agelonian Initiative of 2018, in which the two nations established diplomatic relations and created the Republic of Trerva. But it was divided into eastern and western parts, after a peace agreement during the war.



The currency of West Trerva is West Paxa.

Exchange Rates of West Paxa

1 WTP = 11.0694 AGL, 0.6088 BYN, 19₽, 0.315$, 0.2635€