"Liberty is our trust"
Electronoma - Energy
Capital city South Westfield
Largest city North Brooklyn
Demonym Westfielder
Government Elective Monarchy
Area claimed 502sqkm
Population 12,000,000
Currency US Dollar (USD, $)


Westfield provinces

Name Population Size
Brooklyn 2629150 180sqkm
Queens 2333054 280sqkm
Manhattan 1643734 59.1sqkm
Staten lsland 476015 152sqkm
Westfied 30000 17sqkm
Bronx 1455720 110sqkm
Garwood 4300 1.72sqkm
Cranford 22625 12.8sqkm
Plainfeild 50636 15.599sqkm
Union 54405 9.09sqkm
Elizabeth 124969 34sqkm
Old Bridge 65375 105sqkm
Edison 67687 79sqkm
Somersett 11487 16sqkm
Woodbrige 97203 24sqkm
Dunellen 7227 2.7sqkm
South Plainfield 24221 21sqkm

Westfield recognize currently all the LoMN members

westfield owns plainfield nj all the way to queens


Republic of Westfield:

Issac scudder

Agustus hardenburgh

Lewis brigham

Agustus hardenburgh (again)

William Mcadoo

Edward Mcdonald

George fielder

Thomas Mcewan Jr

William Daly

Didn’t exist between 1900-2014

Westfield empire:

Brandon Sang

Westfield kingdom:

Robert l

John I