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The Whangamomona (39°8.66¢S 174°44.22¢E) township was established in 1895 and is located on the State Highway 43 (Lost World Highway) between Taumarunui and Stratford, and on the picturesque Taumarunui-Stratford Railway line, in New Zealand.

In 1989, in response to the re-drawing of administrative boundaries that would have officially moved the township from the Taranaki Region into the Manawatu-Wanganui Region, Whangamomona declared itself as the "Republic of Whangamomona". Though the move was nothing more than a protest, and a not particularly serious one at that, the town holds a celebratory Republic Day once a year on January 15, on which it picks a new president. The day has become something of a local festival day, and now attracts visitors from throughout the North Island.


Once, a goat was even elected president of Whangamomona. He won by eating all of his opponents votes.

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