William I of Dussmark
Prince of New Aurich
Holy Emperor of Dussmark (de jure)
Time 19–19 April 2011
Coronation -
Predecessor Empire created
Sucessor Natalya I (de jure)
Iryna I (de facto)
Prince of New Aurich
Time 19 April of 2011 - Present
Assumed 19 April of 2011
Predecessor Title created
Successor In the power
Dolphin of Dussekstein
Time March 30, 2011 - In the power
Coronation March 30 of 2011
Predecessor Kingdom created
Successor Kingdom abolished
Full name
William Baumgartner-Kirsch
Posthumous name
William I of Dussekstein
House House of Baumgartner-Kirsch
Father Heinrich of Dussekstein
Mother Johanna of Dussekstein
Born June 18, 1985
Aurich, Germany
Religion Catholic

Monarchical styles of
William I of New Aurich
Reference style His Noble Highness
Spoken style Your Noble Highness
Alternative style Sire


|royal name=

H.N.H. Guillermo José Alberto I, Príncipe de Nuevo Aurich, spanish noble title for William of Baumgartner and commonly knowed as William of Dussmark was the first Holy Dussesh Emperor (de jure) and Dolphin of Dussekstein. Son of the king of Dussekstein, Heinrich I, was the crown prince until the Kingdom united to Cizland and Czea. William I quited the title of emperor making the Baumgartner family lost its probabillities of being the reinging family. He is the actual Prince of New Aurich.


  • His Noble Highness, William Joseph Albert I of New Aurich, Prince of New Aurich
  • His Imperial Majesty, William Joseph Albert I of the Holy Dussesh Empire, Holy Dussesh Emperor *
  • His Royal Highness, William I of Dussekstein, Dolphin of Dussekstein by the God's Will
Preceded by: Holy Dussesh Emperor Succeded by:
Title created 19 April 2011 - 19 April 2011 Iryna of Cizland

Preceded by: Prince of New Aurich Succeded by:
Title created 19 April 2011 -Present In charge

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