Republic of Example

"This is an example!"
O, Example
Map of Sabovia 2
Fakebury, United Kingdom
Capital city Exampleville
Largest city Exampleville
Official language(s) Exampleish
Official religion(s) Exampleism
Demonym Examplian
Government Example
- Vice-President Jane Sysop
- President Rodger Sysop
Legislature Parliament
Established October 14, 2012‎
Area claimed 1km²
Population 2
Currency Example Pound
National sport Tennis
National animal Duck
Patron saint St. Example
Internet Domain .ex (proposed)
This nation is a a member of the Example Organisation

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Williamland, officially the Kingdom of Williamland is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded on October 18, 2014 by Jackson


The term williamland comes from the name of jacksons family,the williams family. This term was first coined by jackson and was adopted as the country's name.


The country was declared an independent sovereign nation in 2014 by Jackson williams, after some thought by the president. The actual date Williamland was founded was in october 2014.

Government & Politics

The country is led by president Jackson Williams,whitch is also the only resident in the country.


The military of williamland consists of a Army and a Air force. Because it is a landlocked country, it has no Navy.

Geography & Climate


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The country is indoors in Jackson Williams bedroom, making the climate dry year-round.


The economy is tourist-oriented,wich makes the country run mainly on tourism.


The countrys currency is a peck,and a park is located in the middle.


There is a newspaper running in the country as well as a upcoming radio and television station.

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